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Working, reading emails, and conducting research shouldn't be the only activities you experience on your home desktop computer. Increase your overall experience by playing online flash animation arcade games, watching funny videos, and communicating with others.


ACreativeDesktop has a focus for finding unique desktop toys and flash animations while uncovering the world's most creative web sites that provide a high quality experience for their visitors.

If you're bored and are looking for fun things to do online like playing with desktop toys and finding new and exciting interactive web sites, you came to the right place.


At this creative website, you'll find an incredible amount of information about things you can mess around and have fun with, both on and offline. For starters, you can learn how to make a desktop pc wireless, create your own website bookmarks toolbar, or use your cell phone as an Internet modem.


A couple of my favorite desktop toys are actually classic arcade games. At ACreativeDesktop, you can play games like Asteroids, PacMan, and even the boxing game called Mike Tyson's PunchOut.

Those classics aren't the only ones to choose from. There are a few other super fun games that are mostly in the form of funny flash animations. Have fun messing around with them or download them if you want to.


This unique website will also offer easy photography tutorials, step by step instructions for Windows tips & tricks, and an interesting community of creative blogs sharing creative ideas from fun web sites.


Finding new websites is probably my favorite online activity and one of the most entertaining places for me to visit when looking for things to do online is the NASA website. Anyone can read from the thousands and thousands of pages filled with space exploration information.

When I'm not at NASA, you can sometimes find me at the official website of the NSF where I'll be reading up on the latest scientific information.


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Flash Animation

Super creative flash animation game called Hotel626 WARNING VERY SCARY MUST BE OVER 18           One of the world's most creative flash animation games | Slap Hands

Another one of the world's most creative websites.  Record a monk email          flash game memory Neurolight

Play Pacman classic online free

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