What is the name of the Mexican Hispanic maid on The Family Guy


Check out this page for Consuela audio clip sounds from the TV show The Family Guy. Some of Consuela's funniest quotes are featured on this page and are available for you to download.

The maid on The Family Guy with the super funny personality is known as Consuela. Pronounced as kawn-SWAY-lo, this Family Guy housekeeper has a knack for making me laugh with her humorous quotes.

Download audio clips of Consuela the Mexican maid on The Family Guy

At the time of this writing, audio quotes of Consuela were non-existent.

Here on this page you can download the hilarious quotes by Consuela the maid from Family Guy. If you are looking for Consuela quotes you'll be happy to know your searching has paid off. Soon you'll be rolling with laughter as you listen to these clips and are reminded of Consuela's humorous behavior on The Family Guy.

All of her funny quotes have been put into short, small audio clips in .mp3 format. You might even discover a few more quotes you haven't heard from my newest Family Guy character.

How many Family Guy episodes has Consuela the Hispanic maid appeared in?

So far, I know of 5 different Family Guy episodes that Consuela has mad an appearance on.

Please understand these are just the episodes I know of. Chances are good that my favorite housekeeper has appeared in more shows that I'm not aware of and with her skyrocketing popularity, Consuela will (hopefully) be popping up all over the place.

These are the episodes of The Family Guy where Consuela has appeared in.

The "FG" stands for Family Guy. The next number is the season number. And the last two digits are the episode number.

List of MP3 Consuela sound clips you can download

These short, funny quotes make great text alert sounds.

Here is a list of Consuela .mp3 sound clips on this page. When I was craving to hear some of Consuela's humorous quotes, I could not find any. So I guess my motivation for creating this page was os you don't have the same experience as I did at one time.

The Family Guy show brightens my day so often this page of Consuela audio quotes was the least I could do for other fans. Enjoy!

Download any of these short clips by right-hand clicking on the link and selecting, "Save link as...". If you just want to listen, simply follow the link which will open up in a new window so you are not taken away from this page.

  1. I take
  2. I keep job
  3. Come Get
  4. Doggy Out
  5. I stay I clean
  6. See you soon
  7. No School today
  8. Hello Mister Peter
  9. Wait for rain to stop
  10. You Fat keep you warm
  11. We need Lemon Pledge
  12. Star Wars scene with Consuela