Setup HP laptop web cam

The web cam that comes built into some Vista HP Pavilion laptops can provide tons of entertainment provided that all is working correctly. For those of you who bought a new HP Pavilion laptop with the built-in web camera, you'll soon find out that you have to set up the laptop's web cam in order to get it working.

Here's the correct information for properly setting up your HP web camera using Windows Vista.


HP Pavilion webcam software and drivers

If you've been searching and exploring Vista like a mixed up tourist trying to figure out where the icon is to operate your built-in web cam I have some good news for you. Windows Vista doesn't display an icon that operates your built-in webcam. You also won't find the HP notebook web camera in the device list for Windows Vista. Before you go searching around the net for a program or a set of applications that will run your built-in webcam, check out link below for information.

The majority of people experiencing challenges when trying to make their Pavilion webcam work using Vista will find the correct information within these pages. Download HP laptop drivers and software for your HP notebook and then look for more information about using the web camera.