Download HP QuickPlay program for Vista

This page is for those of you who are wondering where to find the HP QuickPlay Vista download. Look for information on updating your QuickPlay installation on this page.

After figuring out how to get your built-in laptop camera working and taking a few pictures and videos using the bundled webcam software called QuickPlay, you decide you want to download and install the update for QuickPlay running Windows Vista.


Obtaining HP QuickPlay Vista software

When looking for the HP QuickPlay update to download, here's the first thing you want to do if your laptop was upgraded from Windows XP to Vista or if the webcam driver becomes corrupt or is accidentally deleted.

If you have the webcam that is built into your HP Pavilion notebook right above your screen, then this camera is used with the application called QuickPlay. This document describes how to install the HP QuickPlay download software on a new hard drive or how to re-install the software on your current hard drive.



Current QuickPlay download information

Here's the correct information for updating or re-installing the built-in webcam and the Quickplay program for Windows Vista.

First do the following:

    1. Have an internet connection.
    2. Have your correct model number ready.

Then do the following:

    1. Go to the HP drivers and download page.

    2. Type in your laptop model number.

    3. Select your model and operating system.

    4. Select the HP QuickPlay web update.

    5. Follow the instructions on that page.


What else you should know about the QuickPlay download and QuickPlay updates in Vista

Early in 2008, HP Pavilion QuickPlay versions 3.0 and newer that are included in laptops and notebooks running Windows Vista must first boot into Windows and access their user accounts before the QuickPlay software can run.

It's currently unknown if or when HP plans to release a newer version of Quickplay with a direct boot function.