Las Vegas night picture - Rio Hotel Casino

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Picture of the Rio luxury hotel resort in Las Vegas, Nevada

Picture of the Rio luxury hotel resort in Las Vegas, Nevada

This picture is of the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Rio has always been one of my favorite luxury resorts in Las Vegas. About 1/2 mile behind the Rio casino is the Las Vegas strip.

The image shown on this page was taken from the Palms Hotel and Casino's top floor parking garage. The original photo was captured using the 'night' setting with an ISO setting of 800. A 7-second delay was used to reduce camera movement that would've been caused by my unsteady hands.

Since I didn't have a tripod at my disposal when I decided to take this picture, I used the 7-second delay feature and set the camera on a concrete wall to increase the quality of the picture.

Using Adobe Photoshop to remove noise was my main objective for this pic. This was the first time I'd ever tried to seriously enhance a picture that had a considerable amount of noise. The first Rio Hotel and Casino picture is the original image. The real magic was done by the 'supersmooth' feature from the "Xera" PhotoShop plugin filter pack to eliminate the noise.


Rio Hotel Casino in Las Vegas with the Strip in the background