Is it possible to download free games for Cricket phones?


As I drove home, I wondered if it was possible to download free games for Cricket phones since I had just purchased a device from Cricket Wireless that supported games and applications.

After taking a look at the many different games for my phone that were available for purchase, I decided to buy one game through my Cricket phone. The first time I ran the game, it caused my phone to freeze and the only way to unfreeze it was by me taking the battery out for a few seconds.

After calling Cricket Support on the phone, I was told that there was nothing they (Cricket) could do about the problem. The customer service representative suggested I call Samsung and let them know about the problem. I said, "negative", hung up the phone and decided to create this page explaining the truth about downloading free Cricket phone games.

After searching the Internet for information about downloading Cricket phone games for free, I came across some interesting discussions about the games and applications being developed for Cricket Wireless phones. Here on this page I will share that information with you.

Methods for downloading games on different Cricket phones

Any phone from Cricket Wireless that is either Games & Apps enabled or Mobile Web enabled can support the downloading and running of games. Majority of phones that do support games require that the games be downloaded through the Games & Apps section on your phone.

There are a few Cricket phone models where games are only available through Cricket Clicks,, and the mobile web. Check your Cricket phone manual or your online account page at MyCricket to see how games are downloaded onto your Cricket phone.

The games and applications that are available will vary from phone to phone, but not by much. For the most part though, the games will be the same on different Cricket phones except for the high-end and low-end phone models.

Listing of games for the Cricket Samsung Messager

This next section is a list of every game that's inside my Cricket Samsung Messager cell phone. Inside the games and apps menu on my device, there are exactly 100 downloadable games that are available for me to download on my Cricket phone.

Since I could'nt find a listing of all the games that can be downloaded with Cricket phones, I made a list of all 100 games that are inside of my Cricket Samsung Messager.

Downloadable games list for Cricket phones

Action games - Cricket mobile phones

Cricket phone card games

Cheapest Cricket phone games

Cricket phone classic games

Cricket phone movie and TV games

Cricket phone role playing games

Cricket phone sports games

Cricket phone strategy & puzzle games

Cricket phone trivia games

Cricket phone 3-D games

Downloading every game in my Cricket phone would cost approximately $500

It would cost approximately $500 for me to download and buy every game that's inside the game section of my Cricket phone. Most games that can be downloaded and installed on Cricket phones cost $4 or $5 dollars each. There are a few other games priced at $3 and exactly 4 games that are only $2 to download and install on your Cricket phone.

Before buying and downloading any games on a Cricket cell phone

Before buying and downloading any game for your Cricket cell phone there are a few details you might want to know first. Have a quick look at the important points that are shown below before you make the decision of buying games for your Cricket mobile phone. After I found out how the Games & Apps program works for my Cricket phone, I can see why there are so many people that want to learn how to get free Cricket phone games.

NO pictures or screen shots of the downloadable games

As a gamer, one of the first things I want to see when I first learn about a new game is a screen shot that shows what the actual game play looks like. When I first started looking at the games available for download on my Cricket phone, I quickly noticed that there were not any screen shots for any of the games.

NO free trials or demos to try out first

There is no free trial or free demo version for any of the games available for download. Yes, that's correct, so you better hope you enjoy the game. Cricket does offer a trial version for most games, but it's not free. In fact, every trial version I saw was still priced at 50-65% of the full version price.

NO refunds or exchanges on games and applications

Another important thing to remember before handing over your money to download games for your Cricket mobile phone is their refund & exchange policy. There are no refunds on the games and applications you download to your phone, even if the game is defective.

NO transferring games to new phones

If you do decide to purchase and download games for your Cricket phone, try to be extra careful with it because if it breaks and you have to get a new phone, none of the games you downloaded can be transferred to your new Cricket phone. You have re-purchase every game you downloaded all over again, even if you decide to upgrade to a better Cricket phone.

Problems with downloaded Cricket phone games

When I downloaded that first game for my Cricket phone, I knew that I would not be able to test it out first, but I purchased and downloaded it onto my phone anyway because I really wanted a game to play whenever I had to wait in long lines.

"After I finished downloading the game, I started it up for the first time and it froze my phone completely, requiring me to remove the internal battery in order to reset it."

The second time that game froze my Cricket phone, I called the Cricket telephone support number and after a lot of bad noise, I was told to take my battery out for 15 minutes and then to try the game again. Unfortunately, that did not fix the problem and the game I paid $5 to download continued to freeze my Cricket cell phone.

To date, the game has caused my phone to freeze 12 times. After multiple calls to Cricket support, I was told that there are no refunds on game downloads even if it is defective. When I asked how I should go about fixing this problem, the person on the phone told me to contact the manufacturer of my phone.

BREW controls the downloading and the running of games on Cricket phones

Since it costs money to buy games for your Cricket phone that you can't even to try out or see a screen shot of first, you really can't blame people for wondering if it's possible to download games free on Cricket phones.

The truth is that there is no way to get free games on Cricket mobile phones unless you do some major modifications to your phone. If that was the situation, it would'nt even be a Cricket phone anymore. The inability to download free games for Cricket phones is because of the software platform called BREW (Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless) which is responsible for the downloading and the running of games on Cricket phones.

BREW was created by Qualcomm for mobile phones, and when it comes to security, the BREW client is solid all around, not letting people add free things to the software without messing up the phone.

Visit the people who develop games to download on Cricket phones

Did you that the BREW client is growing at a pretty amazing pace and according to the "about BREW" page at Qualcomm, developers have earned well over $2 billion dollars with BREW based services. Since you can't put free games on your Cricket phone, it would'nt be a bad idea to glance and see what it takes to learn application development with BREW.

Anyone reading this page that was initially looking for information about how to download free games for Cricket phones doesn't have to stop here. Over at the BREW Forums, you can see what the game developers are talking about right now.

A good place to look for more information concerning Qualcomm's BREW, is their home page. If you are interested in knowing what the requirements are for learning how to develop games and applications with BREW, try looking in the BREW forums or the BREW Developer web page.

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