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Welcome to the ACD webcam page that I created for a few select individuals so that they can view my Pixxo webcam that I bought at the electronics store for $10.00 a few months ago. This camera is broadcasting images from Las Vegas, Nevada during daylight hours. The camera is secured to the top of my office window and facing outside.

While I plan to keep this camera on as much as possible, there will be times when the live view is turned off. If the sun isn't showing then neither will this webcam. If that be the case, check out the time lapse animation as that will always be available for viewing.


The webcam image below shows real-time images every few seconds. In the top right hand corner of the Live View window you'll see the date and time. At night when the webcam is off, there will be a "not available" message instead of the live stream.


The window below is the time lapse archive for the ACD webcam. This animation shows the last hundred or so images that were taken by the camera. Use the navigation buttons on the player to start and stop the animation.


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