What is aniwzcsds.exe?


Okay so you recently opened up your task manager in your Windows XP operating system and a strange looking file called ANIWZCSDS.EXE catches your attention immediately.

One of the most common mistakes when finding an unknown service in Windows XP is to get rid of it since you had never seen it before. The simple truth is that some of these processes are disguised services that are actually harmful worms, trojans and spyware.


Is aniwzcsds harmful or good?

The first thing to remember is that ANIWZCSDS.EXE is an unknown process in your eyes and that you should research any service that your unfamiliar of.

There are many Windows XP services that look suspect. Some malware, spyware and trojans disguise themselves as mostly when they are located in the Windows XP system32 folder.

Here's another example of a Windows process called jusched.

What you need to do to anytime you have an unknown service crawling around your Windows installation is simple. Grab a pen and write down the service. In this case it is ANIWZCSDS.EXE. Next head on over to your favorite search engine and Google it. Never take advice from only one site unless you are sure that the site staff is knowledgable and legit.


Is Aniwzcsds a Windows service?

In this case the process known as ANIWZCSDS.EXE comes from the great software over at D-Link. Yes that's right D-Link. Apparently this file is a service that is required by wireless PCI cards.

If you installed a new PCI wireless card then you probably running this service. Unless your going to give up your wireless connection, your stuck with it. Just let it do it's job and move on to whatever else you were doing.

Also remember that while ANIWZCSDS.EXE won't bring the house down, an overlooked imposter could. Some of these processes are spelled pretty darn close to one another and it's not uncommon for a spyware file or a key logger to change a single letter of it's name so you don't recognize it!

What I'm saying is to take a closer look at some of your processes before you label any of them as "confirmed okay". The reality is that if you continue to take your time to find excellent correct information, then you are decreasing the chances of a major problem in the future.

This goes for any process in Windows, not just aniwzcsds.