Online Pacman arcade game

Looking for something fun to do while online? Here's the classic arcade game we all know as Pacman.

This free classic arcade game is easy to get the hang of and great tool to pass the time.

Quickdraw | shooting game

This free shooting target game is super easy to play. Use your mouse to control the cross hair.

A left-click on the mouse will fire your gun. Reload by shooting the barrel on the screen.

Have fun playing this arcade game shooting.

Bin Laden shooting game

You remember the guy that blew up the twin towers don't you? Well here he is...or at least a cartoon version of him. This free online arcade game is easy to get the hang of and great tool when stressed.

Many of us used to wait in line for ever just to get a crack at arcade games like this when they first came out. That was many years before the internet. Times have changed. Hopefully you will enjoy playing this funny animation game.

Slap hands flash animation

Here is a super popular page on this site that features a funny flash animation game. The game is called Slap hands the underground combat facility. This slap hands animation game is super fun to play and is getting at least 500 visitors every single day.

Desktop toys

A creative arcade made up of funny flash animations that are very entertaining. This is the first set of fun desktop arcade games