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On this page you'll see a stencil of Brian Griffin from "The Family Guy" TV show. Perfect for those of you who are looking for Family Guy pumpkin carving templates, stencils, and patterns to use for Halloween pumpkin carving.

About The Family Guy pumpkin carving template

This Family Guy stencil of Brian shows him from the collar up. His facial expression is that of boredom. To complete the face of Brian, you'll need to carve the outline, a set of eyes, a nose, and the collar. When printed, this pattern measures 7"x 12" so you should determine if you need to increase or decrease the print size of this stencil.

Download, print, and share this pumpkin carving stencil of Brian from "The Family Guy"

You are free to do what ever you want with this. Download and modify it or share it with others, it really does not matter. This pumpkin carving template is designed to get you started carving your pumpkin to look like Brian from Family Guy. The Brian pattern is sitting at Photobucket waiting for you. Stencil will open in a new window.

Family Guy Brian - pumpkin carving pattern