Romantic but very cheap Valentines Day date idea

Cheap date idea #1 - Get them drunk

Kicking off your cheap romantic Valentines Day date should begin with the intake of alchohol. This will create a more audible exciting mood for the two of you.A mood that'll make your Valentines Day date a romantic one.

Go ahead and show each other how much you care for one another by getting each other fresh cold beers, just make sure to have plenty chilled beforehand cause a warm beer on Valentines Day isn't very romantic.

Going to jail for drinking and driving on Valentines Day is not romantic.

kids in jail

If you don't have a designated driver, just wait and get each other drunk when you get home.

Get each other drunk, but do it responsibly.

Cheap date idea #2 - Goodwill stores

If you're looking for Valentines gift ideas for your date that are cheap in price but not cheap in quality, check some of the thrift and second hand stores in your area. I assure you that you will find some unique items that will grab their attention.

Shopping at goodwill, thrift, and second hand stores will ensure that your valentines day gift is not something that your girlfriend or boyfriend saw at Wal-Mart when they were there shopping last week.