Availability of Clear WiMAX High-Speed Internet in California


Here's some information about Clear High-Speed Internet availability in California. Take a peek at this page when you're wanting to know if Clear WiMAX is available in California.

Even though I'm in Las Vegas, Nevada, I visit California several times per year to visit family and take vacations.

Being able to use Clear High-Speed Internet while I'm in California would be so helpful, but right now Clear WiMAX Internet in California is very limited.

States and markets offering Clear High-Speed WiMAX Internet

According to the Clearwire market list, Clear WiMAX High-Speed Internet is only available in 9 states in the U.S.

At this time, Clear Internet is not available in California. This does not mean Clear will never work in California, it just means that at this time they haven't rolled out the service in the Sunshine state.

For now you can sign up to receive Clearwire news via email by visiting the Clear Internet coverage web page.

Future plans for Clear WiMAX Internet in California

There are future plans for Clear High-Speed Internet in 6 California cities.

These California cities are in the pre-WiMAX stage and are being tested and developed.

What this means is that companies located in California who developed early now have non certified WiMAX infrastructure installations.

California cities labeled as pre-WiMAX markets

According to the official Clearwire web site, there are six California cities that are in the pre-WiMAX development stage.

  1. Chico
  2. Modesto
  3. Stockton
  4. Visalia
  5. Merced
  6. Redding

If your city isn't listed as a pre-WiMAX market, be patient because Clear WiMAX Internet will eventually be available in California.

Here in Las Vegas, Clear Internet has only been available for 2 or 3 months.

Make sure you ask an official Clearwire representative if you have additional questions regarding Clear High-Speed Internet availability in California.

Here's a couple toll-free support numbers that you can use.

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