CLEAR WiMAX Connection manager software reinstalls when USB device is plugged in


If your CLEAR Connection Manager software reinstalls every time you plug in your 4G mobile USB device then continue reading as this page will provide information for those of you who are having to wait for the CCM (CLEAR Connection Manager) software to install each time you connect your WiMAX device.

So far I've witnessed this problem on a few laptops, but not on a desktop pc. There are many different models of laptops out there so keep in mind that what works for some people might not work for others.

On this page, I'm pretty much going to tell you the same thing that CLEAR customer support would tell you with the addition of a few extra steps that just might solve your problem.

Uninstall CLEAR Connection Manager Device Drivers

The first thing you want to do is uninstall the CLEAR Connection Manager device drivers.

These drivers are different from the CCM software. You'll first want to uninstall the software for your device. If you've already performed the uninstall of the CCM software, your next step should be to uninstall the CLEAR USB device drivers.

Do not plug in your CLEAR USB device during the install or uninstall process

Make sure your CLEAR WiMAX USB device is not plugged into your laptop at anytime during the uninstall or install process. Do not plug it into your computer while following these steps unless you get a message window telling you to do so.

The CLEAR device drivers are located in the device manager under the control panel on all computers running Windows

With the device manager window open, find the CLEAR WiMAX device drivers. Mine are located under the network adapters section. Right-hand click on the driver and choose uninstall. follow any prompts to complete the uninstall process.

Install CLEAR WiMAX device software after uninstalling the device drivers

Once you've completed the uninstall of the CLEAR 4G mobile USB device drivers you should restart your computer.

After restarting your computer the last step is to install CLEAR WiMAX device software.

Many of you have probably already done this multiple times so hopefully uninstalling those USB device drivers from the device manager did the trick.

Just a reminder to keep the mobile USB device unplugged from your pc until the CCM software prompts you to plug it in

Boot into safe mode to install the CLEAR Connection Manager software

If your CLEAR 4G mobile Internet adapter continues to automatically reinstall the CCM program you should try booting into safe mode (press F8 when computer boots) and install the Connection Manager program while in safe mode.

Update laptop drivers to fix the CLEAR Connection Manager reinstalling problem

When you've tried CLEAR's support instructions and the steps on this page and the CCM software continues to automatically update and reinstall itself every time you plug in your device, try updating your computer's drivers.

Update manufacturers drivers at the manufacturers website. This is different from Windows updates that you get from the Microsoft website.

For example, if your laptop is made by Toshiba, go to their site and download the updated drivers that are specific to your computer's model.

Calling CLEAR customer support about the software reinstalling problem

If nothing has solved your CLEAR Connection Manager reinstalling automatically problem my last piece of advice for you is to write down everything you've tried so far.

When talking to CLEAR customer support, tell them what you've done so far and nicely ask them to make notes in your account so that you don't have to start from the beginning every time you call.

The next time you call CLEAR support about your CCM that keeps reinstalling itself, ask the CLEAR agent to take a look at the notes in your account. At the least this will save you some time and frustration.

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