Getting the cheapest price on Clear WiMAX High Speed Internet


When I first decided to try out Clear WiMAX Internet, I remember searching for coupons, offers, and promotions that I could use to get the cheapest price on a Clear Internet plan.

After searching around for Clearwire coupons to print out and use in-store, I eventually figured out where the cheapest price for Clear Internet could be obtained.

On this page, I'll tell you where I found the best price for new customers of Clear WiMAX Internet.

Clear High Speed Internet coupons and promotions

There are many retailers both online and offline that sell Clear High Speed Internet.

This page will show you how much money I saved when purchasing my Clear WiMAX High Speed Internet modem and service.

Promotions will change and prices always vary with time. At the time of this writing, ordering Clear Internet online will save you a bunch of money. The exact opposite is true when buying from an offline retail store.

$20.00 month promotion is the best Clear High Speed Internet discount

My first reason for ordering online was the discounted monthly fee.

Clear High Speed Internet was only $20.00 per month for the first 6 months when you order online.

Saving $120.00 inside of 6-months is a great discount offered by Clear.

Save money on Clear Internet: Sign an agreement instead of month-to-month service

At first I had no intentions of signing an agreement with Clear, but I soon changed my mind after seeing how much money I would be saving by signing a service contract versus paying for a month-to-month service.

If I would've walked into a physical store and purchased a Clear WiMAX modem and Internet service my total would be somewhere around $150.00 to start on a month-to-month service plan.

Ordering Clear high speed Internet online and going with a service agreement brought my total bill to $24.99 to start and then $20.00 per month for the first 6 months.

Order Clear Internet online and get free next-day overnight shipping

When I ordered my Clear WiMAX modem online, Clear shipped the device using FedEx and their next-day overnight shipping at no charge.

I was pretty happy because most companies don't offer free overnight shipping unless a certain amount is spent.

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