Clear WiMAX Internet and Motorola WiMAX modem help information pages

If you're looking for information about using CLEAR WiMAX Internet, you're in luck because the most focus will be on understanding and using WiMAX Internet from CLEAR. The Motorola CLEAR WiMAX cpei 25150 is the device I've been using to deliver WiMAX Internet to me.


This is the Clear WiMAX High-Speed Internet index page here at ACreativeDesktop. Any pages I create about Clear Internet will be indexed here. Help pages and step by step tutorials about my favorite WiMAX service provider will be the main focus, but not the only one.

My objective is to create a unique mix of help topics about Clear Internet to help others who either have or plan on using Clear Internet and hopefully save some time for a few people.

In the future, expect to see more web pages about Clear WiMAX in Las Vegas, Nevada and anything related to the service. More information will be also be added as Clear expands into other markets.

The pages located here were created when using the Motorola cpei WiMAX modem that's available with Clear High-Speed Internet. When I decide to test other network devices I will create a separate page for them.

To help explain, I will be posting pictures of Clear WiMAX towers, networking devices, and screen shot examples. When possible, related web sites will be provided for you.

Access Clear Motorola cpei 25150 modem control panel

This page will show you how to access the control panel for the Motorola cpei 25150 WiMAX Clear modem. Enter password to view and edit settings within the control panel.

Turning off the power to a Clear Motorola cpei 25150 modem

Here's what you need to know if you're searching for information about turning the power off on a Motorola Clear WiMAX modem. Before unplugging your cpei 25150, have a look at this page.

Dim the Motorola Clear WiMAX modem signal strength lights

Here's how I dimmed the signal strength lights on my Motorola cpei 25150 WiMAX Clear modem without having to install, take apart, or risk damage to your device. Take a look at the pictures on this page for an example of what my modem's lights look like after the brightness was decreased.

Cheapest price on Clear WiMAX High Speed Internet

On this page, I'll tell you where I found the best price for new Clear High Speed Internet customers. These promotions are the best discounts and coupons available right now. Your geographic location will determine the prices, discounts, and promotions available to you.

Is Clear High-Speed Internet available in California?

If you live in California and are wondering if Clear High-Speed Internet is available in California, this web page will provide details about Clear WiMAX working in California.

4 tips for increasing Clear WiMAX signal strength

Here's some tips for you that I've used to increase the signal strength on my Clear WiMAX modem. All test were performed using a Motorola cepi 150 WiMAX Clear modem from multiple locations.

Pictures of Clear WiMAX Internet towers in Las Vegas

If you need to know what a Clearwire WiMAX tower looks like, check out these pictures. Photos of all base stations were taken in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Hook up Linksys wireless router to Motorola WiMAX Clear modem

This page talks about how to connect a Linksys wireless router to your Mototrola WiMAX Clear modem. Read this page to learn why you might want to add a router to your home network that uses Clear's high-speed WiMAX Internet.

CLEAR Connection Manager software automatically reinstalling problem

How to stop the CLEAR Connection Manager software from automatically reinstalling every time you plug in your CLEAR 4G mobile device.

Testing slow CLEAR Wi-MAX Internet home modem from multiple locations

Information about testing slow CLEAR Wi-MAX connection speeds. Use multiple locations to test your home Wi-MAX modem. Calling CLEAR for tower location telephone numbers.

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