Clear WiMAX base stations in Las Vegas, Nevada


Here are a few pictures of Clear WiMAX towers in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you have Clearwire Internet and ever wondered what the towers look like check out these photos.

There are many types of WiMAX towers or base stations. The pictures shown on this page are what some of Clear's towers look like here in Las Vegas.

WiMAX towers look like fake trees

This first picture of a Clear WiMAX tower is the most common here in Vegas. Basically, it looks like a generic palm tree that somehow outgrew all the other trees in the area.

Clear WiMAX Internet tower in Las Vegas

The WiMAX tower above is in the 89108 zipcode here in Vegas and was built many years before Clearwire service was even available here in Nevada.

Clearwire WiMAX tower palm tree

Directly below is another base station in the 89108 zipcode and unlike the other WiMAX towers, this guy is a big fluffy pine tree. Perfect for our desert environment.

WiMAX internet fake tree

A Clear WiMAX tower can send a signal for miles

According to Marshall Brain and Ed Grabianowski at How Stuff Works, a single WiMAX tower can provide coverage to a very large area -- as big as 3,000 square miles (~8,000 square km).

Clearwire fast mobile Internet tower

CLEARwire Internet tower picture

Super fast Internet from a WiMAX tower in Las Vegas, Nevada

Sitting directly underneath any of these Clearwire WiMAX towers here in Las Vegas offers a super fast connection to the Internet. I've tested using a Motorola WiMAX modem cepi 25150 at multiple locations.

WiMAX Internet tower 90108 Las Vegas

WiMAX Internet in a tree Las Vegas

This last picture shows a bunch of Clear WiMAX towers out in a remote desert location. Of course it's not real. I just felt like messing around for a bit.

Thanks to killick1 at the Stock Exchange for providing the remote desert picture. The WiMAX towers shown in the picture were taken and edited by me, nukemdomis.

WiMAX tower Las Vegas, Nevada

For more information about Clear, Clearwire WiMAX Internet or Motorola WiMAX modems, head back over to the Clear Wimax High-Speed Internet Index. Thanks for reading.

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