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Britney Spears photos and pictures exposed

Last post 10-01-2008, 6:51 AM by Austin. 0 replies.
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  •  10-01-2008, 6:51 AM 499

    Britney Spears photos and pictures exposed

    Britney Spears photo gallery (250 pics)

    You've got to hand it to Mrs. Britney Spears, as she's making or made her way right back up to the top. For years now, she has dominated as one of the most searched people on the Internet ever. Still to this day hundreds of thousands of people of all ages and all countries search for Britney Spears concert dates, Britney Spears photos, and Britney Spears bikini pictures.

    If you're looking for an archive of Britney Spears photos you'll find almost 250 different pictures of Britney doing everything from modeling designer clothes and sexy lingerie to wearing small bikini like outfits. There are even pictures of her from when she was younger and still stopping the show.  She exposes herself to many different types of modeling so she takes a great picture.

    You can get to the original Britney pic by clicking on one of the photos within this page and the image will open up in a new window which will have the entire Britney Spears photo gallery on one page for you to download.

    Britney Spears sexy pictures collection continued

                   (clicking on any picture will open up the Britney Spears photo gallery)

    Every Man's Fantasy - Britney Spears Nude?

    All through the late 90’s and early 2000’s men all over the world yearned for the day Britney Spears would turn 18 in hopes of seeing the unbelievably hot Spears nude.

    Then, just last month Britney was photographed getting out of the backseat of a car. Unfortunately, Britney wasn’t wearing any panties! Finally, what the entire world wanted to see was out there…but no one cared? What is wrong here? The up skirt photos of Britney Spears with no panties on should have been the biggest Britney Spears news EVER! It should have propelled her to new heights in her career, but it went relatively unnoticed. She was even scorned for the photos not idolized.

    Did the public not care because we had already seen other female celebrities do the same thing weeks prior to Britney’s? It is not that at all. The problem with Britney’s photos is in her apparel.

    Men didn’t want to see Britney with pantyhose on with no panties. That isn’t the image they had in their heads over the past few years. The fantasy guys have involves a couple of scenarios.

    The first male voyeur fantasy of Britney Spears: She needed to be wearing a slightly shorter skirt with thigh highs and no panties. The second voyeur fantasy: She needed to be wearing the skirt plus thigh highs plus thongs.

    Guys didn’t want to see Britney Spears with pantyhose on. There is nothing sexy about that, but thigh highs add that extra little suspense with the openness to see uninhibited Britney’s stuff. Even if she had had thongs on, the suspense would have had guys dropping like flies.

    Britney, it wasn’t your timing. It was your wardrobe. My advice to you Britney, cover yourself up just a little better. You have been famous this long with pressure to Playboy and you haven’t given in. Don’t do it now. You are a much better person with better qualities then to have to show your body to the world.

    Avoid the temptation to be another Hollywood tramp. Help keep a little morality in Hollywood.

    The author is a youth pastor and operates a Britney Spears advice blog   Article Source: Charles_Montgomery
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