World Map Game

Welcome to the Travelers Challenge, a geography based map location game made by Travelpod. Play by yourself or challenge a friend in this world countries and cities map game. Increase your geography knowlege simply by playing this game.

World Map Game Basic Instructions:

The game begins when you see the name of a city flashed across the screen. Using your mouse, click on the area of the world map where you think the city is actually located. After you choose, a marker flag will then land on the true location of the city on the map.

The game measures the distance between your choice and the actual location of the city and then converts the value into kilometers. The closer you get to the actual geographic location of the city, the more points you get. This is a really fun game!

This Traveler IQ challenge compares your geographical knowledge against the Web's First Travel Blog's other 4,335,473 travelers who have taken this challenge as of Tuesday, July 28, 2009 at 10:55AM GMT. (TravelPod is a member of the TripAdvisor Media Network) 
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This is one of the very few online flash games that is really fun to play. Unlike so many other simple online games, you won't get bored after 30 seconds of playing. The first time I played this geography trivia game I loved it and I hope you will also. For those of you that want more information concerning this city location map game, check out the Traveler IQ forum, a place where other fans of The Travelers Challenge ask questions, make comments, and praise this super addictive game.

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