Cricket Broadband modem installation CD

On this page you'll find information about the Cricket Broadband modem installation CD that installs the drivers and software needed to make your Cricket Broadband modem work correctly.

There are a couple different ways to obtain the installation files that came with the Cricket Broadband modem. Before continuing you need to know which Cricket USB modem you have so you can choose the correct installation files.


Cricket Broadband modem compatible operating systems

The software and drivers for any of the Cricket Wireless USB modems will work on Windows based computers and MAC based computers.

It's possible to get the Cricket modem software running on a Linux system but you have to complete a bunch of extra tasks in order to make it work. A quick Internet search will provide you with plenty of information.



UTStarcom modem Cricket Broadband installation CD

Cricket's first Broadband modem is the UTStarcom wireless device. This device was shipped with the Cricket Broadband modem installation CD and it contains the required drivers, documentation, and Adobe Reader.

In the past, Cricket did not offer their modem installation CD for download. If you lost the UTStarcom modem installation CD there is now a place on the MyCricket web site where you can download it.

You have to go to the MyCricket web site and do a search for "CD" from inside the FAQ pages. There is no link provided here because in the past Cricket for some reason has changed their site links on numerous occasions, thus breaking any incoming links from the outside.


A600 modem Cricket Broadband installation CD

The newest broadband Internet modem from Cricket Wireless is the A600 USB modem. This newer modem was not shipped with an installation CD because the Cricket modem install files are located inside the device.

The first time you plug the A600 USB modem into your computer the executable file starts automatically and begins installing the required driver files. You can also read the help files for the A600 modem because they are installed on your computer.

Again, I've decided to not post a link for you because of Cricket's past history of changing the links in their help files. I really don't want anyone to show up here in the future and follow a dead link. So for now just head on over to the MYCricket web site and perform a search for "installation CD" from inside the FAQ section.


A600 modem driver installation files hidden inside device

Cricket decided to do something sneaky with the installation files that are installed when you plug in your device. After you install the Cricket Broadband modem installation drivers, the original install files become hidden on the device.

Try to click on your device and you'll receive a message saying there is no device. That's because the device is now hidden but there is a way to gain access to it again.

Here's what makes me laugh. If you uninstall the Cricket modem drivers that are on your computer and plug back in the device selecting to not install the drivers this time, you can see into the device again.

Remember that once you install the files, they become invisible again.

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