Information about Cricket's Broadband Internet cap


If you're seeking information from a real person regarding Cricket Broadband's Internet bandwidth cap, continue reading this page as I'll tell you what I know.

I'm very confident that the information found on this page will be more helpful than calling Cricket Wireless support and it should be because I've spoken to at least 10 different help agents multiple times.


What is the limit/cap for Cricket Broadband Internet?

That's the exact question I asked at least 10 different Cricket help agents. Unfortunately I received 10 different answers with none of them completely answering the question.

Here's the important thing to remember.

Cricket Broadband Internet is throttled and capped.

If you can't obtain speeds higher than 12 KBS then you are being throttled. It's not your fault and you should not be angry. Cricket does a great job of not telling you how much Internet access you can expect to receive.



What I've been told by Cricket Broadband about monthly usage

I've received multiple answers on the Cricket Broadband Internet cap. I thought you might like to see a few of them. This information is provided for your benefit, not to bash Cricket.

Responses received when calling Cricket Wireless...
  1. There is no cap
  2. You're capped at 5gb
  3. You are being throttled
  4. You are capped at 10gb
  5. You pay more to get 10 gb
  6. Let me see, I think we got rid of it
  7. We throttle you if you get close to your limit
  8. Cricket is real unlimited, unlimited everything


Using an entire month's worth of Cricket bandwidth in a single day

Using an entire month's worth of Cricket Broadband Internet bandwidth is so easy, I did it on my first day of service when I was under the impression that Cricket Broadband was UNLIMITED.

This is not a fantasy, it's reality. When I first used my monthly bandwidth in a single day I felt ripped off because I was only reading and listening to radio as I visited web sites.

Is Cricket Broadband bandwidth caps and usage limit bad? Should I buy Cricket Broadband?

In no way shape or form am I trying to say that Cricket Broadband service is bad. The truth is what I want to deliver and the information contained on this page is an example of that.

Cricket Broadband Internet service is perfect for anyone that just wants to check their email once per day and maybe do a couple of Internet searches.

If you are a power user (visit many sites) and you jump on Cricket, you won't be powerful for very long. Try working an 8-hour shift on the computer using Cricket Broadband. Bandwidth is ticking away.

Test it out for yourself. Walk into a Cricket store and pull up a big fat YouTube video. While the video is buffering, ask the sales person if they get paid by the hour.

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