About Cricket Broadband modem connection speeds


Before changing any Cricket modem speed setting, you should be familiar with Cricket's Broadband service speeds. They say download speeds are between 400-700 kbps and upload speeds between 100-200 kbps. Cricket Wireless also says that they can limit throughput speeds or modify service to anyone that puts a strain on their network.

Hopefully in the future, Cricket Broadband Internet will be forced to become faster to keep up with competitors. Until that time, check out the Cricket modem speed settings pictures that are located on this web page for a possible way of increasing the speed of your Cricket modem.

How to configure and change Cricket modem speed settings

This quick tutorial will show you how to change your Cricket Broadband Internet modem speed settings. Even though these instructions are for Windows XP users, other Windows operating systems should not be much different. These Cricket modem settings were tested using an A600 Cricket USB modem and should also work on some of the other Internet modems that are from Cricket.

After changing any of the connection speed settings inside your Cricket Broadband modem you should run a few different types of connection speed tests to see if you really experience an increase in Internet connection speed.

Step 1: Locate Cricket Broadband modem inside of Network Connections

Locate Speed settings Cricket modem

To begin changing your modem's speed settings, locate the icon for your Cricket Broadband modem connection. The icon is located in a folder labeled, "Network Connections" inside of your control panel. Depending on your settings, the Cricket EVDO modem connection icon can sometimes be located on the start menu or in the system tray.

Step 2: Right-hand click on Cricket Broadband then select "properties"

Cricket usb modem speed settings

After opening your "Network Connections" folder, find your Cricket broadband modem which should be labeled as, "Cricket Broadband". Right-hand click on the modem's icon and select, "Properties" to open the modem settings and configurations window.

Step 3: Choose "Configure" on the Cricket EVDO modem

Configure Cricket Internet modem

Once you open the "Cricket Broadband properties" menu, you will see the complete name of your Cricket modem (Cricket EVDO modem) along with the port it is working out of. Don't pay any attention to any of the other configurable settings you see and just open up the "Configure..." menu for now.

Step 4: Change the default Cricket Internet modem speed settings

Increase or decrease Cricket modem speed

Now that you are in the Modem Properties menu, open up the drop down list for the setting labeled, "Maximum Speed... (bps). The default setting for Windows XP is 230400 but you can move the setting up or down for your Cricket modem. Try setting the modem speed at a really low speed first and then at a high speed to see if you notice a difference.

Again, I would not mess around with any of the other settings unless you know what they do when changed. Make sure you press ok when finished so the modem speed change gets applied. If you're Cricket Broadband Internet modem is connected to the Internet while adjusting speed settings you'll have to disconnect and then reconnect to apply the changes.

Final Cricket Broadband modem speed setting

Testing Cricket modem speed setting

Above is just a simple screen shot that show how Windows XP is reading my Cricket A600 Broadband modem at 921 Kbps. Even though Windows is showing a certain speed, Cricket could be limiting your Internet connection speed on their end but in my case, I do notice an increase in overall speed so I also keep my Cricket modem connection speed at 921 Kbps.

If you still require more information about increasing your Cricket Broadband modem speed, check out the Opera web browser. It has a powerful new feature called, "Opera Turbo" that is designed specifically for Internet users that are on slow or "limited-bandwidth" connections.

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