How to use your Cricket Samsung phone as an Internet modem - part 1


Using your Cricket phone as an Internet modem to go online and browse the web is definitely possible with most Cricket phones. This page will provide information for anyone wanting to use their Cricket cell phone as a modem to connect to the Internet.

A number of things must be completed before you will be able to use your Cricket mobile phone as an Internet modem. You have to create a connection to the Internet on your computer, configure a few proxy settings for Cricket in your web browser, and enable a feature that's located inside a hidden menu on your Cricket phone.

Items needed to use your Cricket phone as an Internet modem

In order for you to use your Cricket phone as an Internet modem there are a few things that are needed first. Go through the small list below to determine what you already have and what you will still need to acquire before you can connect to the Internet using your Cricket phone as a modem.

     1. Cricket phone with mobile web
    2. USB data cable for your Cricket phone
    3. Location of the Cricket phone hidden menu (explained below)
    4. Cricket Samsung phone CDMA drivers (explained below)

For this tutorial, I used a Cricket Samsung Messager phone as a modem to connect online. This is not the only Cricket phone capable of being used as a modem as most other models can be used also. Another important detail about using your Cricket cell phone as a modem is that some cities have different speeds than others do so it's hard to determine what your actual connection speed will be.

Enable dial-up-networking mode inside your Cricket phone hidden menu

In order for your Cricket phone to operate as a modem you need to enable DUN Mode(dial-up-networking). This setting resides within a hidden menu located inside your Cricket phone. If you skip this step, your Cricket phone will never work as a modem.

How to open your Cricket phone hidden menu.

     1. First press the "MENU" button on your Cricket phone
    2. Then press "9"
    3. Now press the "#" button

After pressing the "#" key on your Cricket phone, you will see a "user lock" menu on the screen asking you to enter a 6-digit code in order to proceed.

     4. 6-digit Cricket phone unlock code is 333333
    5. Find and open the DUN Mode menu (DUN Mode)
    6. Set DUN Mode to "ENABLE" and then press "OK"
    7. Exit the DUN Mode menu

After enabling DUN Mode on your phone, make sure that you don't mess around with any of the other configurable settings that are in the hidden menu. Changing certain settings can really mess up your phone so just stay away from them.

Download and install Samsung CDMA USB drivers

The next step required for using your Cricket phone as an Internet modem is to download and install Samsung CDMA USB drivers. If you don't have these drivers installed your computer won't be able to see your Cricket phone as a modem.

There are a few different ways to get the CDMA USB drivers for your Cricket Samsung phone. The most popular method is by downloading and installing the Samsung PC Studio version 2 because it contains the USB drivers needed to be able to use your phone as a modem. What's funny is that Cricket phones will not show up as connected to the Samsung PC Studio program. We don't need the program to use our Cricket phones as modems, all we needed was the drivers which were installed when the program was.

Samsung PC Studio can be found at the Samsung website inside the download center section. You will have to download the program from a different phone's model support page but as I said earlier, all we need are the USB drivers included in the program. Alternatively, anyone attempting to use their Cricket Samsung Messager as a modem can download and install this Samsung CDMA driver installation package from the official Samsung website.

Create new Internet connection for Cricket phone modem

Once you complete the steps outlined on this page for turning your Cricket mobile phone into a modem, continue on to the next page of this tutorial. The next step for being able to use your Cricket mobile phone as an Internet modem is to create a new dial-up networking Internet connection for your Cricket phone. If you've already completed the previous steps shown on this page then you are ready for these final steps.

There are just a few more things you need to do before you are using your Cricket phone to connect your pc to the Internet. On the next page, I've provided step-by-step instructions for creating a dial-up networking connection complete with pictures and examples. When you are ready, continue to the next page to see the rest of the instructions for using your Cricket phone as an Internet modem.

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