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Are there any Cricket Samsung Messager phone tips & tricks for the web browser so that I can have more features and functions when browsing the web on my Samsung R450? That's the exact question I found myself wondering soon after acquiring my Cricket cell phone. For those of you who are also scrubbing the Internet for any little bit of information about tips and tricks for the Samsung Messager phone's web browser, this page should be a good start for you.

At the time of this writing, there is not too much out there in the way of web browser tricks or hacks for the Cricket Wireless Samsung Messager. In fact my first few searches using the mobile web browser returned only web pages that dealt with the flashing of smart phones to use for Cricket's unlimited voice service.

On this web page I'm going to tell you about a Samsung Messager phone tip that you can try on your Cricket phone. The tips (also in the form of websites) on this page are meant to make your Internet surfing experience a better one. Applying this easy tip will save you time and allow you to do more from the Cricket web browser when on a Samsung Messager phone.

The Samsung Messager sold by Cricket Communications costs just as much as an iPhone at $200 and if you're like me, you are not going to try anything that might damage your phone. You don't have to worry about messing up your phone when testing out any of the Cricket phone tips and tricks that are on this page.

Cricket Samsung Messager phone tip | Faster web browser scrolling

The first Samsung Messager Cricket phone tip is about faster web browser scrolling. One of the things that influenced me to go with a Cricket wireless mobile phone was the unlimited mobile web browsing. Some of the other prepaid wireless carriers charge big time for web browsing so being able to jump on the Internet at anytime for as long as I want made Cricket Wireless an easy choice.

Initially, I went with the Samsung Messager R450 slider phone because of the full QWERTY keyboard that was supposed to make web browsing a breeze. In all honesty, using the Samsung Messager's web browser is not bad at all, especially for being a WAP browser, with the exception of how the phone scrolls through web pages and emails.

You have to press the scroll button 110 times to reach the bottom of a Google search results page on your Samsung Messager phone!

Most of you already know that the scroll button on the slider phone by Samsung only allows you to scroll up or down one line at a time for every press of the button. The first time I browsed the web on my Samsung Messager phone it only took about 15 minutes for my fingers to start getting sore.

Any Samsung Messager r450 owner that has visited a few websites on their phone can tell you just how much work is required to scroll up and down web pages. For example, let's say that you decide to do 3 searches on any one of the major search engines using the Samsung Messager's mobile web browser. If you scroll to the bottom of only the first page of each search result you still would have had to press the scroll key 300+ times!

Scrolling faster on the Samsung Messager phone web browser

Here's what you have to do when you want to scroll through web pages super fast on your Cricket Samsung Messager r450. Start by connecting your phone to the mobile web and once you are connected, pull up the almighty Google and perform a quick search. When I said you have to press the navigation button 100+ times to reach the bottom of a search results page, I meant it.

There are two sets of buttons on the Samsung Messager that are used to control web page navigation while using the web browser. What many people are not aware of is that you can use both sets of your phone's navigation buttons in unison to scroll up or down through web pages much faster than when only 1 button was being used.

Below is a picture of a Samsung Messager R450 with the slider open so you can see what I'm saying. Notice the 2 red dots with numbers on them. The red dots are where I place my thumbs when navigating and I need to scroll really fast.

Samsung Messager R450 phone mobile web browser tip: Fast scrolling
      1. Right thumb position
    2. Left thumb position

Cricket Samsung Messager phone tips and tricks

Use the center navigation key and down arrow at the same time to scroll web pages twice as fast. The faster you press them, the faster your horse will scroll.

If you've been using your Cricket Samsung Messager to browse the web and you did not know about this easy method to increase web browsing scrolling speed, you'll be so much happier now that you don't have to explore the Internet one line at a time!!

This simple Samsung Messager phone tip (trick) was shared with me by a friend who has been using the Samsung r450 as his mobile device for a couple of months. Thanks a billion WillieFunBags!

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