Cricket phone and modem help information web pages

If you need help with Cricket cell phones or Cricket Broadband Internet modems you can find information on the pages shown below. Look for help pages about Cricket phone ringtones, Cricket phone wallpapers, and Cricket Internet modems.


Welcome to the Cricket wireless phone and modem help pages index that is located here at the community.

If you are looking for information about Cricket cell phones or Cricket Broadband modems then you should have a look at some of the pages shown here on this page.

Right now you can find plenty of information on downloading Cricket phone wallpapers and ringtones to your phone for free.

There are also information help pages about using the web browser on the Cricket Samsung Messager and other Cricket Wireless cell phones. Also look for Samsung Messager tips and tricks that you can try without hurting your Cricket phone.

There is even a few pages for anyone searching for information about making their Cricket Broadband modem faster. Make sure you have a glance at the modem speed settings page for pictures that show everything in detail. Look for more pages regarding the Cricket Internet modems in the future.

How to use your Cricket Samsung phone as an Internet modem - part 1

In order for you to use your Cricket phone as an Internet modem there are a few things that are needed first. Go through the small list below to determine what you already have and what you will still need to acquire before you can connect to the Internet using your Cricket phone as a modem.

How to use your Cricket Samsung phone as an Internet modem - part 2

Did you know that you can setup your Cricket Samsung phone as an Internet modem so you can browse the web, check your email, or whatever else it is that you do while online? This is the second part of a two page tutorial about setting up and using a Cricket Samsung phone as an Internet modem.

Configuring Cricket Broadband Internet modem speed settings

Here is a quick how-to help page that will show you how to raise or lower your Cricket modem connection speed settings in Windows XP. It's worth a try especially if you are experiencing slow speeds while online.

How to get a faster Cricket Broadband modem speed

This help page will show you a program that you can try for free to get a faster Cricket Broadband modem. It's in the form of a downloadable program that was made specifically for Internet users that are on a slow or limited-bandwith Internet connection.

How to download Cricket cell phone ringtones for free

On this web page you will learn one of the many ways to download ringtones for your Cricket Wireless cell phone for free. The method shown on this page will show you how to get them while browsing the web on your phone.

Free wallpapers for Cricket Samsung Messager phones

Look here if you are wondering how to get free wallpapers for your Cricket Samsung Messager cellphone. Even if you don't have a Samsung Messager phone the information found on this page will work for you as long as you have a Cricket cellphone.

Web browser tips and tricks to use on Cricket Samsung phones

Within this page you can find a few really good web browser tips and tricks that can be used on your Cricket Wireless Samsung cell phone. The best tip is about using the Cricket mobile web faster, but also look for a few other worthy Cricket phone tips.

About downloading free Cricket phone games

Before buying and downloading any game for your Cricket cell phone there are a few details you might want to know first. On this page, you will find information about the downloading of games and applications onto Cricket mobile phones.

Using Cricket cell phone to update Twitter

Today, there are tons of services that will let you send messages to Twitter from Cricket phones. This page contains 4 different ways to use Twitter from a Cricket cell phone.

Cricket Broadband modem installation CD

On this page you'll find information about the Cricket Broadband modem installation CD that installs the drivers and software needed to make your Cricket Broadband modem work correctly.

Cricket Broadband bandwidth caps and usage

If you're seeking information from a real person regarding Cricket Broadband's Internet bandwidth cap, continue reading this page as I'll tell you what I know.

Pricing information for Cricket Broadband Internet and modem

This page will provide information about buying a Cricket Broadband modem and Internet service and what you might expect to pay for it.

Cricket Android smartphone discounts and promotions

On this page I'll list a couple Cricket Android smartphone discounts and promotions that Cricket offers to some customers. I'll also show you an easy way to bring the price of that Cricket smartphone down a little more.

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