About the Motorola Clear WiMAX modem signal strength lights


Here is how I dimmed the Motorola Clear WiMAX modem lights on my device. There are 5 green lights along the top of the Motorola cpei 25150 WiMAX Clear modem. These lights will tell you about your Clear WiMAX connection status and signal strength.

These signal strength lights are used to determine the best placement for your Motorola Clear modem and are supposed to be visible no matter how you position your device.

The lights are always on because the Clear WiMAX modem doesn't power on/off. My concern is with the modem lights brightness level. It's just too bright for me.

Why dim the Motorola cpei 25150 Clear modem lights?

There is one good reason for me wanting to make the Motorola/Clear modem lights a little less bright. And that reason is because they were just too bright at night.

Before dimming the signal strength lights on a Motorola Clear WiMAX modem

Make sure you have no problems obtaining a good signal from your closest Clear WiMAX tower before messing around with the lights on your modem.

Only dim the lights on one side of your Motorola Clear modem until you are sure you can still determine signal strength from across the room.

How to dim the lights on a Motorola WiMAX Clear modem

My solution for decreasing the Motorola cpei 25150 modem lights brightness is simple and best of all, there's no risk of messing up your WiMAX modem.

Using a red Sharpie, I carefully colored in the clear plastic pieces. A red Sharpie does a great job of decreasing the brightness of the signal strength lights.

Sharpie ink is permanent so if you decide to experiment with other colors besides red, I recommend doing so on another device first.

Overall red works best for me.

Pictures of Motorola Clear WiMAX modem w/dimmed lights

Below is a picture of my Motorola cpei Clear WiMAX modem that shows the dimmed signal strength lights that have been colored red.

After using a red Sharpie, this is what my modem's lights look like when the room is lit. In my opinion, my device looks better than it did with the original green led lights.

Dim Motorola Clear WiMAX modem leds

Using a red Sharpie to dim the lights on my Clear modem decreased the brightness by 50-60 percent.

This next picture shows what the Motorola WiMAX signal strength lights look like when inside of a dark room.

Motorola modem lights at night

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