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Honestly, downloading Cricket phone ringtones is really easy, you just have to know where to look and what to look for. This page will briefly explain how you can download ringtones for your Cricket phone for free. All ringtone information on this page was tested on a Samsung Messager phone from Cricket but should also work with your cell phone as long as you have mobile web on your phone.

In addition to voice call ringtones, the sounds found on this page or any of the ringtones you find online can be used as text message alert sounds on your Cricket mobile phone. Every phone is different so results may vary on what ringtones you're able to download. Just remember, you don't have to pay anything for ringtones to use on your Cricket cell phone.

Instructions on how to download mp3 Cricket phone ringtones

In order to download Cricket phone ringtones for free you must have the mobile web service that Cricket Communications provides. The Cricket mobile web browser allows you to visit just about any website on the Internet and in this case, sites with free Cricket phone ringtones.

There are a few ways to download ringtones for your Cricket phone but on this page I'll focus on downloading them directly from the web without having to use the memory card file transfer method. Here's a tip that will make downloading free ringtones for your Cricket phone easier.

You need to search for mp3 ringtones on the web and navigate to those files from your Cricket phone to start the download process.

Of course it's really easy to join with one of those free ringtone websites like Funtonia or Myxer but if you don't want to sign up or register anywhere (not to mention giving up your Cricket cell phone number), the easiest way to get free Cricket phone ringtones is to download them directly from the web in mp3 format.

In the left sidebar there are a few ringtones that you can download and use on your Cricket Phone. If you are on your mobile phone right now, the ringtone should start downloading when you navigate to it's home. I've only uploaded a few as an example of how easy it is to download mp3 Cricket phone ringtones once you find their home location.

Below you'll find a few more ringtones that I've used on my Cricket Samsung Messager phone that you can download for yourself. Since I get more text messages than I do voice calls, I wanted more of a short text message ringtone sound so I made these ringtones short. They actually make great text message alert sounds in my opinion.

To download these Cricket phone ring tones from your mobile phone, just choose the ringtone you want to download. If you are on a computer and you want to save one of these to your internal memory card, simply right-hand click on the ringtone and select "Save As".

     1. Download Cricket Ringtone - Yes
     2. Download Cricket Ringtone - Goat
     3. Download Cricket Ringtone - Nooo!
     4. Download Cricket Ringtone - No Deal

Another important thing to remember when downloading ringtones for your Cricket phone is the size limit that Cricket Wireless allows for file downloads. There is a 2mb size cap which means you can't download a ringtone that is more than 2mb in size. If you are looking to download full song mp3s for your Cricket phone, remember to search for smaller files.

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