Acquiring the Pixxo USB webcam and finding the drivers


This page contains information about downloading Pixxo AW-M2130 webcam drivers to make your Pixxo webcam work. There's also information about the M2035 and the M2130 webcam drivers and instruction manual.

Initially, I went out and purchased a Pixxo USB webcam for dirt cheap, like $10.00 from Fry's Electronics. They were having a massive "day after Christmas" sale and a friend of mine said, "I'll buy one if you do". I said, "sure why not".

In the past, I've experienced challenges with webcam drivers and I did not want that to happen with this webcam so I decided to make sure I could find the Pixxo AW-M2130 webcam drivers just in case I were to ever lose the CD that came packaged with the camera.


The Pixxo AW-M2130 webcam driver CD

The Pixxo AW-M2130 webcam that I brought home from Fry's also came with a driver installation CD. The actual disk is labeled as, "Web Cam Driver Pixxo Ver:A2.1" and it's on one of those "mini-CDR" disks. When I looked inside the Pixxo web cam driver disk, I noticed there were only 3 files on the disk.

Contents of Pixxo USB webcam driver disk

1. autorun.ico - (image icon for setup file)
2. autorun.inf - (tells disk to play when inserted)
3. ZS0211Setup.exe - (Pixxo webcam program)

When I ran the disk, Windows XP says it's installing the drivers for a ZSMC USB PC Camera (ZS0211) even though I have the AW-M2130. It didn't seem to matter as the Pixxo webcam and the webcam program work fine.

During installation, Windows warned me that these Pixxo webcam drivers haven't been digitally signed. The Pixxo webcam instruction manual (more like a leaflet) tells us to choose the "Continue with installing" option.

If you are installing the drivers from the CD that came with your Pixxo USB webcam, choosing the "Continue anyway" option won't harm your operating system.
Unsigned drivers don't usually mean that they are poor or unreliable, it just means that they were not tested by Microsoft.

Pixxo web cam driver disk program

After the Pixxo webcam setup program finishes, you'll have a new application in your program list. It's labeled, "Vimicro USB PC Camera ZS0211" which is completely different from the AW-M2130 model name of my camera.

There is a program in this folder that will allow you to operate your Pixxo webcam and it's called AMCap. AMCap is a solid, well designed program that's made to capture video.

AMCap was bundled with many different types of web cameras, not just the Pixxo USB webcam that I came across. If you need information about AMCap, the Pixxo website really doesn't say too much about it.

However, I did a little research and found out that AMCap was created by a smart individual known as, Noel Danjou. It's based on the sample AMCap source code from the Microsoft DirectX 9 SDK, but Noel has added many custom features for it.

There is a free version and there is one that you have to buy. I'm not sure which one of them is on the Pixxo webcam driver CD. If you want to learn more about the program that came on the Pixxo AW-M2130 webcam CD, you can do so here at Noel's personal website.

Downloading Pixxo webcam drivers from the Pixxo website

At the official Pixxo webcam website, they have 3 different driver files that you can download and use to operate your Pixxo webcam. The driver files are labeled by the webcam model.

What puzzled me was how none of the webcam driver files matched the AW-M2130 model that I had. Here's how they are labeled.

Pixxo webcam driver files - Pixxo website

1. Webcam AW-I1130 - (version 1.5)
2. Webcam AW-I1130 - (version 2.0)
3. Webcam AW-2035 driver - (Windows Vista / XP)

If you want to download the exact Pixxo webcam driver CD that initially came with the AW-M2130 webcam, you can leave a comment in the ACreativeDesktop site blog entry for the Pixxo webcam drivers.

I'd like to upload the file to one of my servers to share with you, but unfortunately the people over at Pixxo are observing a holiday and their notice says they won't be back for another 5 days.

Until I can call them and obtain permission first, we are on hold. I just didn't want to wait another five days before I publish this page about Pixxo webcam drivers.

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