Vista webcam driver for QuickPlay

This page is for anyone looking to download Vista webcam drivers so the HP webcam works flawlessly with QuickPlay.

If you've been having problems getting your built-in laptop webcam to work with the HP QuickPlay program, continue reading this webcam help page for a couple possible fixes.

The following instructions will provide two possible ways for you make your HP webcam work with QuickPlay. The first fix will show you where to download the correct webcam drivers and Quickplay. Use this first fix if you've just started having problems getting the webcam to work.

The second fix is only for those who've been trying fixes found on the Internet but still can't get the webcam working correctly. Use this fix only when you've tried all other steps for updating your HP webcam and still can't get the camera working the way it's supposed to.


HP webcam driver and QuickPlay download

If this is your first attempt at getting your built-in webcam working in Vista, there are a few things you need to update. Check out this first page which provides information for the HP Pavilion laptop camera not working with vista.

This page is the main support and drivers page for all other HP notebooks with the integrated webcam. Here you'll pick your laptop model from a list in order to get the correct webcam drivers and download QuickPlay.



Download webcam drivers for Vista

This second fix is something I found while searching for webcam help online. It worked like a charm for me and has worked successfully for many other HP webcam owners. Your best bet is printing these next steps before you begin.

The HP webcam problems are due to HP's drivers not working properly. Surprisingly, there's an easy work around that's already worked on most HP notebook models. The fix involves the installation of Acer webcam drivers even though you have an HP.

If you have the Chicony web camera, follow these steps to download Acer webcam drivers. These drivers have been tested by myself on my dv6525 and on a friend's dv2367. If you need more convincing, you'll find more success stories from other integrated webcam users in the last section.

First do the following:

    1.  Download Acer 5210 Chicony Webcam drivers.
    2.  Run the setup file.
    3.  Follow installer prompts then RESTART PC.
    4.  Ignore the 'installing drivers' popup.
    5.  Open up the Control Panel.
    6.  Open up the Device Manager.
    7.  Select webcam from 'Imaging Devices'.
    8.  Right click on webcam and select 'Update'.
    9.  Select 'Browse computer for driver'.
    10. Choose 'Let me pick from list of devices on PC'.
    11. Uncheck 'Show compatible hardware' checkbox.
    12. Scroll down to Chicony manufacturer.
    13. Choose the 'Acer Crystal Eye Webcam'.
    14. Install even if a question pops up.


Final notes on webcam drivers for Vista

No matter what you should complete the first fix. That will ensure you have the latest laptop webcam drivers and updates.

If you've done that and are still having problems getting the webcam working properly with QuickPlay, back up or create a restore point on your system before you install the Acer webcam drivers.

There have been zero reports of this Acer webcam driver messing up computers. Thanks to DylanBennett for uncovering this odd fix for the HP webcam. For those of you that still are not convinced, check out these examples of this fix working.