Faster Internet on Cricket Broadband modems

Speed up Cricket USB modems for faster speed


If you are looking to increase the Cricket A600 USB modem speed so you can surf the Internet faster, continue reading through this page. Improving the speed of your Cricket Wireless Internet connection is not a difficult task and for the most part, it's pretty straightforward.

There are a few really simple things that you yourself can do to speed up your online browsing experience when connecting to the Internet via Cricket's A600 broadband modem. This page will focus on just one of them, the web browser.

Programs for improving performance on Cricket A600 Internet modems?

When I first connected to the Internet using the Cricket A600 modem, I was actually surprised by the "snail-like" connection speed that Cricket was feeding me. The Cricket Broadband information page says that we can watch YouTube videos, but it takes 5 minutes of buffering just to watch a 4 minute video.

After visiting a few of my favorite web sites, I began searching for a program or application add-on to help make my Cricket A600 USB modem faster. At the time of this writing, there are no programs or extra add-ons from Cricket Communications to help speed up or improve the performance of an existing A600 Internet modem.

On their web site, Cricket Wireless does offer the latest version of Quicklink Mobile for the A600 broadband modem. Quicklink Mobile is the software that came with your A600 Internet modem.

Opera 10 beta makes Cricket's Broadband connection faster

If you want to make your Cricket Broadband Internet faster (web browsing, not download speeds), you should take a look at the latest release of the Opera web browser. Opera claims to be the fastest browser in the world, fast to start, and super fast at loading the websites you visit.

Opera Turbo enables faster browsing on slow or limited-bandwidth connections

After initial testing, I can say that Opera loads and displays webpages much faster than some of the other web browsers I've used while using the Cricket A600 Internet modem for my broadband connection. If you spend a few minutes familiarizing yourself with some of the other options that you can customize in Opera, your Internet browsing speed can be that much faster despite being on a Cricket USB modem.

Here's where it really gets interesting for Cricket Broadband customers. The latest version of the Opera web browser has a powerful new feature called, "Opera Turbo". Opera Turbo is designed specifically for Internet users that are on slow or "limited-bandwith" connections. Wonderful! A web browser that will increase the web browsing speed when using a Cricket A600 USB modem.

Opera Turbo is just one of the Internet speed features that will help make your Cricket A600 USB modem faster.

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