Where is the HP Pavilion laptop webcam?

This page contains information for those of you asking questions like "where do I find the webcam for the HP Pavilion laptop in Vista?" If you've just purchased a brand new HP laptop and you've never used your built-in web cam yet, this page is for you.

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Using QuickPlay to access the webcam

Do not run yourself into the ground searching for a HP webcam icon which will allow the use of your built-in laptop camera. You haven't found one because Vista doesn't provide an icon for you to easily access the laptop web cam.

There is an easy way to find and operate the webcam for your HP laptop. It's called QuickPlay and it comes with every HP Pavilion that sports the built-in webcam.

You can access the webcam using QuickPlay which will quickly have you recording videos. When you're ready to watch your creations, you can even play them and create playlists with the application.



How to find the webcam on HP laptops

These instructions will show you exactly how to find the built-in webcam when using the Windows Vista operating system.

To make things easier for yourself you might want to highlight the instructions below and print them out so you don't have to keep switching back and forth from your desktop.

Access your webcam via QuickPlay:

    1. Click on the VISTA button (start button)

    2. Click on all programs

    3. Look for QuickPlay and then click on that.

    4. Open Quickplay and click the video icon (film reel)

    5. Double click "HP WEBCAM" (in the left column)

If everything is working properly you should now be able to see the webcam input (that's what the camera sees) which will most likely be a shot of yourself dodging the camera. You can now use your web cam to record videos.

After recording a video with QuickPlay, the video will be saved in the right hand column as a .mpg file. In order to play one of the videos you've just recorded all you have to do is double click on the file that is in the right hand column of the QuickPlay application.


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