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Welcome to the free online English to Russian text to speech translation tool page located here at here at ACreativeDesktop. On this page, I'll show you how to easily complete two of the most requested language translation tasks that involve the Russian language and the English language using this free online English to Russian text to speech translator.

The first way that you'll be able to use this Russian tts (text to speech) translation program is for converting or translating Russian text to English text or English text to Russian text.

Let's say for example that you wanted to comment on a blog that is written in the Russian language. You can copy the text you want to translate and convert that text into English. Then all you have to do is paste your Russian text translation as your's that simple! Look at how smart you are now that you can communicate with other Russian speaking people on their blogs and in their forums.

Another very useful tool that this Russian to English text to speech program has is the ability to translate English text in Russian speech. This could be helpful for anyone that who speaks Russian as their first language, but also understands English. Most people that speak Russian and English can understand spoken English much better than written English. To translate English text to Russian speech, look for the Russian speech translator towards the bottom of this page.

If you plan on using this free online English to Russian text to speech program for Russian translations in the future, it would probably be a good idea to bookmark or add this page to your favorites. You can also right-hand click on this next link and choose, 'Bookmark This Link' to save this free online Russian to English translator program page to your favorites list.

Here's how you use this free online English to Russian text to speech translation program to convert your English or Russian text into speech. It's not really hard to use this Russian translation tool but just in case you need directions you can follow the simple steps outlined below.

How to use this English and Russian language translator

    1. Paste or type text into the upper portion of the tool
    2. Set the local language setting
    3. Set the input language text to Russian or English
    4. Set the output language to either Russian or English
    5. Find and use the translate to convert Russian to English or vice versa

Use the IMTranslator Voice program below to convert English text into Russian speech. To get started, type or paste up to 1000 characters into the program window below. Use the 'Say It' button and a new window will open with an animated character reading your text back to you.

If you're like me then your favorite feature is probably having your English read as Russian speech by the animated characters. After testing this Russian translator out for yourself I'm sure you'll agree that it's by far one of the top free online English to Russian text to speech language translators on the Internet.

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