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This page will show you my favorite online text to speech program that is absolutely free to use here on this website.

The program is called TTS Voice and for any of you that have been searching for a high quality program to convert your text into speech, you'll want to check this one out especially if you are already aware of how may different types of text to speech tools there are floating around on the Internet these days.

So far, none of the text to speech tools and programs I've found online compare to TTS Voice for practicing your verbal talking skills, listening skills, and comprehension level skills.


Animated characters read your text

Using this free text to speech program is easy to learn and even easier to use for any task that involves the need for spoken audio, language translation, and many other text to voice programs. When you need to communicate with someone that speaks a different language quickly, this online text to speech program is a winner!

The flagship feature of this text to speech program is without a doubt, the group of animated (moving) characters that read your text outloud in the most realistic, human-sounding tone of voice.

Since this online text to speech tool is free to use forever with no trial version, you can be sure that all features are enabled and available. At the time of this writing, there are at least 11 supported languages and all of them convert your text into high-quality spoken audio.



Using this online text to speech tool

Before using this free text to speech program, bookmark this page for easy access in the future by dragging this link onto your toolbar or directly onto your 'bookmarks' or 'favorites' folder. Text to Speech

To use TTS Voice, simply copy some text from anywhere online or out of any document and then paste it into the text box. Alternatively, you can type directly into the text box for text to speech conversion.

Next, select the language you want for your text to speech conversion and then click the 'Say It' button which will open up a new window and play your converted text in addition to a few other interesting little features that are a part of TTS Voice.

Note: TTS Voice counts and trims your pasted text down to 1000 characters.


Features of this text to speech tool

TTS Voice can translate or convert your text into French, English, Korean, German, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Brazilian, and Russian into a sound clip that's easy to hear and understand.

Some of the other useful features of this language tool are the ability to choose to have either a man or a women's voice play your text and the ability to change the tempo or speed of your spoken text. TTS Voice also included the options to save the text you convert to speech and share with your friends inside of an email or wherever you choose.

There are actually many different ways to use this free online text to speech program. Those of you just looking to have some fun or just be silly will enjoy this free tts (text to speech) program just as much as those who use it for business, communication, and learning purposes.

After using TTS Voice, I'm sure you'll agree that it's the best text to speech program online, especially for being completely free.

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