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Hello and welcome to the tts programs and tts software page that will provide information on the best free online tts programs and tts software that can be found online.

If you don't know already, the abbreviation TTS is short for 'text to speech' when used on this page. A tts program is a piece of software (online or offline) that will convert or translate text into speech.

Some tts programs cost money to use and for the most part, the old saying 'you get what you pay for' usually holds true when it comes to online tts programs and tts software.

Below you'll find what I feel to be the very best free online tts program that will translate your text into speech in a variety of different languages. Unlike some tts software programs that you have to download, this tts program is an online tool so there is no need to download any software to use this tts program.

The best feature of this free online tts program is without a doubt, the ability to have your text read outload by an animated character in the most realistic, human-sounding voice. You can also choose from a male or a female to read your text, adjust the tts tempo and change the tts language for converting your text into high-quality spoken audio.

If you plan on using this free tts program more than once, it would probably be a good idea to bookmark or add this page to your favorites. You can also right-hand click on this next link and choose, 'Bookmark This Link' to save this free online tts program page to your favorites list.

Using this free online tts program to convert your text to speech is actually very simple. Start by setting the 3 language options shown on the main window of this tts program. After you set the tts language options for your text to speech translation, type in or paste the text you want to convert into the upper window of the tts program.

Languages supported by this online TTS program:

    1. French tts
    2. English tts
    3. Korean tts
    4. German tts
    5. Portuguese tts
    6. Italian tts
    7. Chinese tts
    8. Japanese tts
    9. Spanish tts
    10. Brazilian tts
    11. Russian tts

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