Free webcam security programs for old and new webcams


Download free webcam security programs to use with your webcam from this page. Any of the free security programs shown on this page will work with just about any web camera, both new and old.

When I say free, I mean free forever for private use with no trial version expiration dates.

If you have one of those older webcams (Logitech, Pixxo) and you really want to use it as a surveillance tool but can't see spending 3 times as much on security software, check these programs out.


Download Yoics webcam security program free

Turns any older webcam into a webcam surveillance system that automatically uploads to YouTube and Twitter

This first webcam security program that's available for you to download for free is called Yoics. This webcam security software is free for you to use and will turn any webcam into a security surveillance system.

Yoics webcam security program features

1. Webcam Motion Detection - (adjustable motion area/sensitivity)
2. Webcam Time-lapse - (images captured every minute )
3. Auto uploads clips to YouTube account - (adjustable motion area/sensitivity)
4. Auto Tweet webcam images to Twitter - (each time webcam detects event,)

Being able to have a webcam detect movement and automatically send out Tweets to Twitter is just one of the features of this free webcam security program.

The Yoics webcam security software also allows you to view your webcam live from any web browser or Apple iPhone. Being able to view a live image from a web browser will transform your old webcams into useful security webcams for free.

Going even further, this free web camera program is able to store your location information making it compatible with any online map location mash-ups.

Download Yoics webcam security program free


Ugolog free video monitoring webcam security software

This free web cam program is 100% free forever for 1 webcam and works with any webcam. This webcam security program is easy because it runs within the browser

This next free webcam security program is best described as an online video monitoring system that stores motion-detected images taken from your webcam. The software can also make videos from the images it captures. Ugolog is supposed to work with any webcam, ip camera, or AXIS camera.

Just like the other webcam security program on this page, Ugolog also let's you view the output of your webcam inside of any web browser and even better, this webcam program can also send out RSS notifications for new motion detected images.

Ways to using your webcam with Ugolog security software

1. Watch webcam video in browser - (webcam video history)
2. Webcam in-browser monitor - (in-browser webcam recorder)
3. Motion detection alerts - (via RSS)

Download Ugolog webcam security program free


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