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You don't need quarters to play Pacman online for free at this website. All you need is the desire to play the original, classic Pacman arcade game that I've put online for anyone to play. Play as many games of online Pacman as you'd like. When you're all "Pac-manned" out for the day and you feel the need to share this online Pacman game with others, go right ahead and do so.

Pacman is one of the earliest true classic arcade games that people of all ages have been playing. Do you remember playing the original Pacman game in the arcade. So many of us used to wait in line just to feed our hard earned quarters into the nearest Pacman arcade game. That was many years before the Internet and times have changed.

Clicking on the Start Game option with your mouse will begin the game. If you need to see what the buttons to play Pacman are, open up the controls menu. You can also turn off the sound, but even if you could, would you really want to mute the sound of Pacman chomping down on all those white dots?

Pacman always has been and always will be a great classic arcade game that's easy to get the hang of no matter what your age is. This classic arcade game is super easy to play. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to control which way Pacman moves.

As Pacman, you must run around the level eating all the little white pellets without letting one of the colored ghosts (Blinky, Pinky, Inky, Clyde) get you. Don't worry too much if you find yourself getting caught by the ghosts, as with anything, practice makes perfect. For anyone out there searching for advanced Pacman information check out Chris Lomont's Pacman emulation guide and StrategyWiki's Pacman strategy guide & walkthrough.

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