Free Halloween ghost pumpkin carving templates


These free ghost pumpkin carving templates are perfect for anyone who wants to carve a ghost into their pumpkin on Halloween. There are 5 easy ghost patterns on this page to choose from. Download all 5 of them if you want.

Each one of these Halloween ghost patterns are part of the ACD Halloween pumpkin carving template collection. They are 100% free to download, print and share with others just like any of the templates in the collection.

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Easy ghost patterns - Halloween pumpkin carving

Ghost templates so easy to carve, even you can use them

One thing that these ghost stencils have in common is their level of difficulty. If you're looking for an easy ghost pumpkin carving stencil, you'll soon find that the stencils shown on this page are right up your alley.

A few of these ghost stencils are so simple that they'd make great templates for younger, less experienced Halloween pumpkin carvers. If you're like me then you'd rather have the easiest ghost patterns to use on Halloween versus some of the more intricate templates that are found online.

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Ghost stencils - Halloween pumpkin carving

The act of carving a pumpkin on Halloween is harder than it looks. You have to clean out the pumpkin, find and print out a carving template, and then do the actually carving. When you finally finish and the pumpkin is all carved up, you have to clean up your mess.

From start to finish, carving a pumpkin can take a good 2-6 hours of frustrating intricate labor. For most of us, even carving an easy design like the ghost templates on this page will take a solid hour to complete.

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Ghost template - Halloween pumpkin carving

What if these ghost pumpkin carving templates are too easy for me?

Downloading and using one of these ghost designs does not mean you have to follow the template without altering the initial design as you carve. When putting these 5 Halloween ghost patterns together, my plan was to create designs that are easy for others to build off of. Sharing is the right thing to do.

So you are encouraged to add your own ideas when using one of these ghost patterns to carve your pumpkin on Halloween.

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Halloween pumpkin ghost pattern

During Halloween, carving pumpkins continues to be a super popular activity that people love to do. Using a carving pattern to assist in carving a design is how the majority of us make our pumpkins look scary. Take away the template and some of our carvings might not be recognizable, myself included.

There are a bunch of different Halloween style pumpkin carving patterns to choose from with the ghost carving template continuing to be one of the more popular templates to use when carving a pumpkin on Halloween.

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Halloween pumpkin carving templates