HP Pavilion webcam driver for Vista

This web page is for anyone that owns or uses an HP Pavilion laptop with the built-in webcam and is looking to download the laptop web cam Vista drivers.

Please note that even though the information displayed on this page might not work with every situation, it should work for most.

If you already know that you you need the Vista driver for the HP pavilion web camera you can save some time by following this next link which will take you to the HP website page which offers HP Pavillion laptop owners the ability to download the Vista HP laptop webcam driver.


Where to download the HP laptop built in webcam drivers

If you're looking everywhere for correct spot to download the Vista drivers for HP Pavilion's laptop webcam that will make your HP HP notebook webcam work with Vista.

Follow these directions:

    1. Have an internet connection
    2. Find your correct Pavilion model number

Then do the following:

    1. Select your HP Pavillion laptop model from the list

    2. Click on the "software & drivers" link

    3. Select your operating system

    4. Scroll to bottom and download software update file

    5. Follow the instructions on that page

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