HP laptop camera problem

Okay, so you just bought a brand new HP Pavillion laptop with the built-in web camera and you're pretty darn excited about using the webcam. You are even more excited because your new HP laptop came with the new Microsoft Vista operating system that you've yet to try.

After getting your laptop home and running the setup program, you and your girlfriend agrees on how fun it would be to make a short little video using your new Pavillion webcam.

Unfortunately, after five minutes of navigating around Vista trying to find the darn camera icon, your girlfriend gets angry and storms out the door.


Vista doesn't provide an application to use your Pavillion webcam

If you've been frying your brains trying to figure out where the icon is to operate your built-in camera, I have some good news for you. Vista doesn't display an icon to show the presence of your built-in webcam simply because Vista doesn't provide a program or a set of applications to run your built-in webcam.

The good news is that I am going to tell you how to get it working.


Make HP laptop webcam work in Vista

Here's the correct information for finding and properly downloading the correct drivers and software updates that will make your HP web camera work under Vista.

First do the following:

    1. Have an internet connection
    2. Have your correct model number ready

Then do the following:

    1. Select Pavillion laptop model from list

    2. Click on the "software & drivers" link

    3. Select your operating system

    4. Scroll to bottom and download update

    5. Follow the instructions on that page


What else you should know about making the HP Pavillion webcam work with Vista

HP will be periodically releasing drivers and software for the built-in webcam for users that have the pre-installed version of Vista on their Pavillion notebook.

If you're the type of computer user that has a habit for trying new computer software, hardware devices and anything for a computer then you had better get used to spending more time getting those things to work with Vista for a while.

While this might not work for all HP Pavillion laptop owners, it should work for most.