About HP Quickplay downloading & updating

Welcome to the HP Quickplay update information page. On this page I will briefly explain what Quickplay is and how to determine what version of Quickplay you have installed on your laptop.

Quickplay is the software that comes installed on HP laptops for controlling the built-in web cam and for playing movies or music.

So far there have been a number of different Quickplay updates for the different models of HP laptops that use the software. Continue reading through this page for instructions on downloading the correct HP Quickplay update.


Latest HP Quickplay update

The first way to download the latest Quickplay software update is to visit the HP support website and download the entire HP Quickplay update file to your computer. After downloading the update, go ahead and run the file to obtain the latest Quickplay drivers.

Another method for updating Quickplay to the latest version is to open up Quickplay on your computer and click on the update icon. That will open the enhancements and updates window. Once open, select the "get latest Quickplay update" option and then follow the directions that you see on the screen.



Determine which Quickplay update you require

There are 3 different versions of HP Quickplay available for download and you need to find out which one you need for your computer.

Determine HP Quickplay version to update:

    1. Updating QuickPlay/DVD Play 1.x.
    2. Updating QuickPlay/DVD Play 2.x.
    3. Updating QuickPlay/DVD Play 3.x.

Update Quickplay by laptop model

    1. Go to the HP drivers and download page.

    2. Type in your laptop model number.

    3. Select your model and operating system.

    4. Select the HP QuickPlay web update.

    5. Follow the instructions on that page.


Latest Cyberlink Enhancers QuickPlay updates

Over at the Cyberlink website (makers of Quickplay and DVD Play) you can download Quickplay updates for your HP laptop.

These Quickplay updates are referred to as, "Cyberlink Enhancers" and if you are familiar with them (what they do) and know that you need one of these updates here are the links to the Quickplay updated enhancers.

Quickplay update version 3.3 v.4222
Quickplay update version 3.6 v.4530
Quickplay update version 3.7 v.6112