HP laptop webcam problem

Here's some help for those of you who just purchased an HP Pavillion laptop with the built-in webcam running the brand new Microsoft Windows Vista operating system.

If you're like me you soon found out that the webcam not working properly is the most disappointing thing about your new HP Pavilion laptop. This page was created to help you find the correct information for the webcam not working properly on your HP notebook running Vista.


How to use the Vista laptop webcam

Don't spend too much time searching for information on how to operate your HP webcam. The only way to get the webcam working properly is with the QuickPlay application in Vista.

On this page I'll try to provide information that'll get your webcam working properly under Windows Vista.



Make HP laptop webcam work properly with Vista

When your HP Pavilion webcam isn't working properly when running Vista try the following steps for finding and installing the correct drivers and software updates.

Follow these steps first:

    1. Make sure you're connected to the Internet

    2. Write down your HP Pavilion laptop model #

Now do the following:

    1. Select your model from this list of Pavillion laptops

    2. Look for and click on the "software & drivers" link

    3. From the list select your operating system

    4. Scroll down and download your software update file

    5. Follow any instructions on that page


More information about making the built-in Pavillion webcam work properly

If you're the type of computer power user that's skilled at trying out new software updates and if you also don't mind tinkering around in order to make some things work on a computer, getting the HP webcam working properly while running Vista shouldn't be too time consuming for you. HP will be periodically releasing drivers and webcam software updates in the future for the built-in webcam running Vista so keep checking for new updates.

While the information contained on this page might not work for all HP Pavillion laptop owners, it should work for most.