Using these tips increased my Clear Internet signal strength


The tips outlined on this page have helped me increase the Clear WiMAX modem signal strength. Before trying them out for yourself, keep in mind that every situation is unique and my results might be different than what you experience.

All tips are simple adjustments of the modem that can be executed in under 10 seconds. There is nothing to buy and zero risk of harming your Clear WiMAX modem.

Call Clear for WiMAX tower locations

If you haven't already, the first thing you should do before attempting any of the tips on this page is call Clear to find out the location(s) of the closest WiMAX tower to you.

I've called Clear to find out where the closest WiMAX towers are located and I've done this for multiple locations. Simply give them your address and they will tell you what direction and how far away the tower is from you.

Highest elevation helps Clear WiMAX modem signal strength

Using nothing but trial and error methods, I've determined that the higher you place your Clear WiMAX modem, the better your signal strength becomes.

This is especially true if you live in an apartment or two-story home.

Most of the comments I've read about modem placement say the best WiMAX signal is achieved when placing the Clear Internet modem on the roof.

Since I'm not going to run cables outside and to the roof, placing the modem as high as possible on the inside helped increase my signal strength.

Better WiMAX signal strength when placed on metal file cabinet

Surprisingly, placing my Clear WiMAX modem on a large metal filing cabinet instead of a wood stand or desk increased my modem's overall signal strength.

Honestly, I have no clue as to how or why this works, but it does. If you don't have a metal file cabinet you can try another piece of metal furniture instead.

Since all my tests were performed using a 4-drawer metal file cabinet, I can't say from experience what else works.

Using tinfoil as reflective antenna increases signal strength

Another one of my stupid little tests was to wrap my Clear WiMAX modem in multiple layers of tinfoil to see if I could still receive a signal. Wrapping your network device in foil will not help to increase your signal strength.

Using a piece of foil increased the strength of my WiMAX signal.

increase Clear WiMAX modem signal strength

My best signal strength increase came when I placed an 8in X 3in piece of foil 1/4" inch away from the front of my modem.

Touching the foil to the modem actually decreased the signal and putting the foil piece any further than 1/4" inch away did nothing.

Using foil as some sort of reflective antenna takes little time and a few adjustments to find the absolute strongest signal.

Tips tested while using Motorola cepi 150 WiMAX Clear modem

A Motorola cepi 150 WiMAX Clear modem was used when performing these tips. After performing these signal strength tips I have increased the amount of lit connection lights 1-2 extra bars.

After running a bunch of tests, the signal strength increases remained pretty stable. An extra bar or two doesn't really amount to much if your signal strength keeps going up and down.

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