What is index.dat adbrite.com usd, and fq?

Here's what I can tell you about the strange files known as index.dat adbrite.com usd and index.dat adbrite.com fq.

These files along with several more showed up as tracking cookies on a scan report generated from the awesome spyware program we all know as Lavasoft Ad-Aware 2008.


Is index.dat adbrite.com a tracking cookie?

We already know that the files that begin as index.dat adbrite.com are tracking cookies. A tracking cookie stores information about computer visits to a website(s).

For example, many online websites that sell merchandise will use a tracking cookie for various marketing purposes. Unfortunately, some of these tracking cookies can be used in bad ways or exploited...turning them into threats.



Where does index.dat adbrite.com tracking cookies come from?

Looking at the files index.dat adbrite.com usd and index.dat adbrite.com fq, one can easily determine where these files comes from. I went ahead and checked out the Adbrite website for further information and found this explanation of their tracking cookies.

From the Adbrite website....

Our site uses cookies. A cookie is a parcel of data sent by our server to your browser and then sent back to authenticate you as a registered user. Once our site has identified you as a registered user, content and data are personalized specific to you and your preferences. Cookies also help us ensure a continuous user session without having you log back in.


Conclusion for the adbrite.com tracking cookie

AdBrite is an online company that provides services like the buying and selling of online advertising space.

If you are an advertiser signed up with AdBrite or if you are on the publisher side of AdBrite, you will probably want to leave index.dat adbrite.com usd and index.dat adbrite.com fq alone. If you don't even remember visiting the Adbrite website or if you're not one of the many people somehow involved with 'making money online' there should not be any reason to have these tracking cookies on your computer.

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