Installing driver updates for a Vista laptop webcam

Within this page you will find information to install webcam driver updates on a Pavilion laptop running Microsoft Vista. Installing the webcam drivers to make your built-in web camera work properly is actually an easy task as long as you have some patience and are willing to read the instructions that HP provides.

For those of you who have already given up patience because you've already been through the step by step instructions for installing the updated webcam drivers, I can happily say that there is light at the end of this tunnel.

In the past there have been many challenges that involved simple tasks from learning how to find your HP web cam so that you can operate it to finding webcam drivers that actually worked so that you could use your HP webcamera with third-party applications without it crashing or even worse, crashing your whole computer.


Before installing HP webcam updates or drivers on your Pavilion laptop

This page was written mainly for HP Pavillion laptop owners that also have the built in web cam but you can apply the tips you see here on other HP laptop models like the Compaq HP or the Elitebook series notebooks that have the internal web camera.

Before installing HP webcam updates & drivers on your HP laptop you should and must be sure you have the correct information about your laptop. I've listed the important information you should know and write down.


Finding & installing the latest Vista HP webcam driver updates

In order to correctly install HP laptop webcam driver updates on PCs running Vista you should make sure you have the correct information that I outlined above.

If you haven't already, write the information down on a sheet of paper and if you are unclear as to where your laptop information is located, I'd start by looking at the box your notebook came in which has a label with the manufacturer's information on it.


Checking for new HP laptop web cam Vista driver updates

Did you know that there are over 1000 different HP Pavilion models? Every single one of them requires a different webcam driver update that is designed to run for that system.

On top of that, there are multiple operating systems and even different types of webcams which all require their own specific set of install instructions for updating the webcam drivers so that you can use your HP laptop webcam anytime you want without having to worry about stuff like if it is going to work the next time you try to use it.

To sum up everything you've read on this page, make sure you have the correct information for your HP Pavillion laptop computer and follow the steps HP provides paying close attention to the service pack installation.

Slowly, HP has been correcting the problems associated with the HP laptop webcams not working in Vista and they say that the Vista Serivce Pack 1 fixes many of the laptop's built-in webcam bugs.