Problem with Kodak EasyShare CD80 not powering or turning on

If you're having problems with a Kodak CD80 camera that has no power and won't turn on, continue reading this page as it contains information that might possibly help you understand why your EasyShare camera is not turning on.

Recently I purchased a Kodak EasyShare CD80 camera, the blue one to be exact. Right from the beginning I noticed something was weird about the battery life. It didn't take long to realise that this Kodak camera would have trouble powering on from time to time.

Even worse, the camera batteries seemed to go dead after taking around 20 pictures. Most of the time, my Kodak CD80 would die and power down with the lens still extended all the way.


Fix the Kodak CD80 not turning on problem

There's a few things I've learned about the Kodak CD80 and it's requirements for batteries. Down below I've outlined a few important suggestions that have helped me when my EasyShare camera wouldn't power on.

Kodak camera will not turn on when there is less than 30% - 40% battery life remaining

The Kodak CD80 is 10.2 mega-pixels and requires a bunch of power to operate.

I've noticed that my Kodak camera will not turn on when there is less than 30% - 40% battery life remaining, especially if I'm using cheap batteries.

Use Oxy-Alkaline batteries to prevent Kodak cameras from not turning on.

These batteries are much more powerful and will increase the amount of pictures you can get before the batteries die. They are not even that expensive. Oxy-Alkaline batteries can be found anywhere online.

Use rechargeable Ni-MH batteries if your CD80 will not turn on

Using Ni-MH batteries in your Kodak CD80 is the best way to fix the problem with your camera not turning on.

They are even more powerful and according to the Kodak CD80 instruction manual, it says that these batteries will enable you to get 100+ pictures from just one set of AA camera batteries.

Using cold batteries will prevent your Kodak CD80 from turning on

Yes, it's true that throwing a pair of cold batteries into your Kodak CD80 will sometimes prevent the camera from powering on. Don't worry there's no harm done.

As soon as the batteries reach room temperature they'll work just fine.

Save Kodak camera battery life by transfering pictures via the SD card

When it's time to transfer the pictures from your Kodak CD80 to the computer, don't use the USB cord that came with the camera.

Even with the usb cord plugged into the computer, your AA camera batteries still power the camera. Try taking out the batteries and connecting your camera to your power.

Set your Kodak CD80 camera to auto-power off quickly

Setting your Kodak CD80 digital camera to auto-power off as soon as possible will allow you to get more power out of the batteries you are using in your EasyShare camera.

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