Connect Linksys wireless router to a Motorola WiMAX Clear modem


Connecting a Linksys wireless router to a Motorola Clear WiMAX modem is actually pretty simple and takes only a few minutes.

On this page, I will explain just how easy it was for me to hook up my Linksys wireless router to my Motorola WiMAX Clear modem.

Why add a wireless router to a Motorola WiMAX Clear modem?

One of the most popular reasons for adding a router to your home network is for sharing your Clear WiMAX Internet connection.

Clear WiMAX customers looking to share an Internet connection with additional computers on their home network will need to connect a router to their Clear Motorola WiMAX modem.

Both wired and wireless routers will work so it really depends on where the computers are located and how you want to use them on the network.

Adding a Linksys wireless router to a Clear WiMAX home network

Adding a Linksys wireless router to a home network is surprisingly simple when using a Motorola WiMAX Clear modem because the modem does just about all the work for you.

In my case, I used a Linksys WRT54GS wireless router along with my Motorola cepi 25150 modem. If your only objective is to share Internet access with multiple computers, setup consists of connecting cables and not too much else.

Using a wireless router with your Motorola WiMAX Clear modem allows you to place them anywhere within range

Using a wireless router with my Motorola WiMAX Clear modem allows me to place the modem and router anywhere I choose since the wireless router is now connected to the WiMAX modem without wires.

Here's the steps I followed when adding a router to my home network.

  1. Connect WiMAX modem to Linksys router
  2. Install wireless cards in computers
  3. Plug power cords into outlets
  4. Connect to the Internet

Configure Linksys wireless router security settings after connecting to Clear WiMAX Internet modem

Make sure you take the time to configure the security settings inside the Linksys wireless router. This should be done immediately after connecting to your Motorola WiMAX modem to prevent your neighbors from stealing your Internet bandwidth.

Configure security settings for Linksys wireless router

There are 3 important router security settings I recommend configuring before allowing any computer besides your own to access the Internet from your Clearwire WiMAX connection.

Failure to secure your home network will allow anyone within the wireless router's range Internet access via your Clear WiMAX connection. This is important because the last thing you want is someone stealing and using your Internet connection for illegal activities.

1. Change the wireless router's default password and user name

As with any wireless router, the very first thing you should do is change the default password and user name. This will ensure you are the only one that has access to your router settings and ultimately, your WiMAX home network.

2. Enable encryption on your Linksys wireless router

The second and most important security feature is to enable encryption on your Linksys wireless router. Without encryption, any computer within range of your wireless router's signal can use your Clear WiMAX Internet connection without you knowing.

3. Enable the router's incoming/outgoing connection logs

The last setting that should be enabled on a Linksys wireless router is the incoming/outgoing connections log.

If you have several computers accessing the Internet from your Clear WiMAX connection, enabling this feature will allow you to monitor the web sites and activities of those machines.

For more information about Clear, Clearwire WiMAX Internet or Motorola WiMAX modems, head back over to the Clear Wimax High-Speed Internet Index. Thanks for reading.

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