Using the Internet to interact with viewers should be the standard for local news stations


One day while waiting for commercials to finish so that I could turn back the channel and watch the rest of my local newscast, I had this idea for local news stations that are looking for unique ways to integrate Twitter into their business.

After realizing how much fun this idea might be, I decided to create this page hoping that a big, "decision making" company would come along and make this kind of idea the standard for local television news stations.

Weekly trivia game that's played using Twitter

I think Channel 8 - LasVegasNOW should create a weekly trivia game using Twitter. Viewers that want to play would have to correctly answer a trivia question for a chance to win technology related prizes.

Answers can only be submitted through a Twitter direct message so all participants must be following KLAS-TV on Twitter to receive notification (via DM) upon winning.

Choose a winner randomly from the correct responses and after verifying the winner via DMs, announce the winning Twitter user along with the correct answer as a Twitter status update.

This would be an enjoyable game to play and if the prizes are relevant to technology, it could even become addicting for some.

Local technology related businesses donate weekly prizes

Here in Las Vegas, it's pretty safe to say that Zappos would not be the only technology related business that might be interested in this type of advertising. There are plenty of local ISPs, computer repair businesses, and mobile device retailers that could really make a name for themselves by participating.

Even Starbucks coffee would make an excellent prize. Win some coffee and use Starbucks Wi-Fi to grab the local news and update your Twitter status. Not bad.

Who else has used the Internet to engage their audience/viewers?

Some of the world's biggest companies have been using the Internet to increase viewer engagement for a long time now. Just take a look at the promotions offered by Marlboro, Wheel of Fortune, and SonyRewards for examples.

It's been a few years, but I remember playing a similar trivia game during the early morning local news broadcasts. Only difference was that the winner had to call a telephone number, be a certain caller, and give the correct answer to win the prize. If you've lived in Las Vegas long enough, then you probably know that I'm talking about Fredrick's Facts.

Now imagine a weekly or monthly trivia game that is played using Twitter while watching the local news. In the past, only 1 viewer was truly being engaged, but now the other 99% of people can interact and be a part of the final outcome.

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