MAC OS X compatible webcam security programs


There aren't as many Mac OS webcam security programs for Apple computers as there are for Windows based computers, but there are a few out there.

This page is is where I'll list Mac OS X enabled webcam security programs that I find online. Not just any camera programs, but high-quality, webcam software that has useful features.

All webcam programs shown on this page will be compatible with Mac OS X. If you're searching for a webcam security program for setting up a motion detection webcam or if you just need the basic webcam drivers for Mac OS cameras, this page can save you some time.

SecuritySpy Mac OS compatible webcam program

Multiple camera webcam security software for the Macintosh.

SecuritySpy has powerful features to power your webcam or just about any video device that's compatible with Mac OS. If you are looking for a web cam security program that can take advantage of multiple web cameras simultaneously, give this one a try.

SecuritySpy Mac OS webcam program features

1. Built-in web server allows remote viewing of live video
2. Motion Detection and Timelapse video abilities
3. Schedule to activate cameras at set times
4. Supports Macintosh compatible video and audio input devices

When building a webcam security system on a computer running Mac OS, remember that SecuritySpy allows anyone to setup a system using just a single camera, a couple of cameras or dozens.

EvoCam Mac OS X webcam security program

Works with almost any QuickTime-compatible web/video camera

This webcam security software will work with 1-16 webcams, network cameras, or video camera devices. If you want to make a timelapse video that records for days automatically taking a picture every few seconds, check out the rest of the features of this Mac compatible webcam program.

EvoCam webcam security program features

1. Archives images to timelapse QuickTime movies or separate images
2. Unlimited motion sensors for automatic image capture when motion occurs
3. Includes Java webcam applet to display webcam image on web page
4. Mac OS X 10.4 (or higher) and QuickTime 7.0 (or higher)

This Mac OS compatible webcam security program is not a free piece of software. Take one look and you'll see why. There are tons of powerful features for you to tinker with if you decide EvoCam is worth a try. It's make for Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5 & 10.6 versions.

macam driver support for USB webcams on Mac OS X

400+ Mac OS X cameras supported by macam driver

This webcam program for Mac OS X cameras is called the macam webcam support package. At the time of this writing, the program has drivers for 400+ cameras that work on Mac OS X. Test out the macam driver application if you've tried everything else, even if your model is not on the supported cameras list.

Features of the macam webcam driver support program

1. Works with Creative Labs web cams and Live Cams
2. Working with Logitech QuickCams, both Pro and Fusion
3. Works with Philips model SPC cameras
4. Works with some HP laptop cameras

If you happen to have a USB webcam on Mac OS X and you are looking for a driver to operate the camera, check out the macam Mac OS X driver application.


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