Webcam security programs using motion detection


The programs on this page are webcam security programs that offer some type of advanced motion detection features. There are 4 programs shown on this page that anyone can download and use. The only thing you'll need is a computer and an old webcam.

Crime Catcher motion detection webcam program

Monitor for movement or motion from 1 - 4 webcams or devices

The name CrimeCatcher isn't the only thing you'll remember about this webcam security program. This motion detection webcam software comes with a handful of useful features that take motion detection with any old web cam to another level.

For starters one feature that stood out when I read about it was the remote surveillance feature that lets you remotely login to your webcam and see real-time images of what your webcam can see.

Simple but powerful motion detected security system

1. Password required to stop the capturing of images
2. Mask out areas not needed for motion detection
3. Schedule detection for certain times of the day
4. Motion detection for every pixel being monitored

Give Crime Catcher surveillance software for your webcam a try. You can read about this webcam security program in greater detail at the Crime Catcher website.

Webcam Zone Trigger motion detection software

Multi-purpose webcam motion detection software

Specifically for motion detection using multiple webcams. Webcam Zone Trigger is good at detecting motion, but it can also react to many types of motion and movement patterns.

This webcam security software program will let you make a box on the webcam screen that defines the area that you want to detect and track motion at.

When motion is detected, the software can react to what it detected by playing sounds or executing commands. See the website for the complete list of available features.

When Zone Trigger detects motion, the webcam program can...

1. Play a sound
2. Record a video
3. Take a picture
4. Upload an image
5. Send an email
6. Run a command
7. Count
8. Pop up Window
9. Launch an application

This webcam security program offers motion detection along with automation. Just plug in a web camera and give this webcam software a few minutes (or hours) of your time to configure.

For details about this motion detection program, navigate to the Webcam Zone Trigger website and compare the different editions they offer.

WebCam Looker Motion Detection Program

Video surveillance software with motion detector

WebCam Looker excels in motion detection alarm signals. If and when this webcam security program detects movement, it can play a sound, send you a text message or shoot you an email with the image as an attachment.

To go even further, WebCam Looker can even launch an external application upon detecting a predetermined amount of motion.

Most cost effective webcam security solution for home / office

1. Unlimited number of video sources
2. Motion absence detection (Did they stop moving?)
3. Precise motion detector can watch selected areas of shapes
4. Remote access to your real-time or archive of images

If it's motion detection that you want, look deeper into the features of this one. Yes, it does cost money, but sometimes that's exactly what does the job.

When it comes to security, having a web cam security program that I can create multiple zones and watch them all individually for motion opens the doors to many types of real-world applications.

Go have a look at the rest of the features WebCam Looker comes with. There are a bunch of them.


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