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When searching around for a decent, free online language translator so that I could translate Hungarian to English and communicate with people that speak the Hungarian language better, I came across this very solid online text to speech program

So far, I've used a few of these online language tools and in my opinion this one works wonderful when I have to translate some English text into Hungarian.

Throughout this page, ever English paragraph you see will be followed by the translated Hungarian form to make it a little bit easier for those people who speak Hungarian but are trying to learn English better.

Using this tool to translate my English allows me to communicate and participate online with other individuals that don't even speak my language. None of the free online language translators that I've seen or messed around with are perfect, especially when it comes to working with the challenging Hungarian language.

How to translate English or Hungarian text with this online language translation tool

To use this online language translator to quickly translate either the English or Hungarian language, start by either typing in or pasting the text you want translated directly into the top portion of the online IM Translator tool.

Before you begin, take note of the available settings that are located on the language translator's control panel. There are three drop down language menus that you can use to tell the translator what language you want to translate to.

The top language menu is for the location language. The left drop down menu is for the input language (English for me) and the right drop down menu is for the output text. Have fun messing around with some of the other languages besides Hungarian and English......look for the small 'bull horn icon' because if you click that your translated text will be played back to you as an audio file.

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