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Pixxo webcam models
AW-2035 / AW-2130/M2130 / I1130

Information about Pixxo webcam including where to download Pixxo webcam drivers and the instruction manual. Webcam programs you can use to operate your Pixxo USB webcam.


This is the Pixxo USB webcam index page here at ACreativeDesktop. After bringing home one of these tiny little black web cameras for myself, I decided to document any information that might be useful to myself and others right here within this index..

Everything you find on this page is written with Pixxo webcam models AW-2035, AW-2130/M2130, and I1130 models in mind. But certain webcam software will work with other webcam models and not just the Pixxo AW webcam series.

The most updated Pixxo webcam driver information will be listed. Whenever possible, I'll refer to official Pixxo webcam website.

If you have a Pixxo USB webcam for your laptop or desktop computer and you are wanting to do more with your webcam, this page might interest you. It will only be a matter of time before I start looking around for additional programs that work with Pixxo webcams.

When I come across webcam software that work with a Pixxo webcam, I will post my findings here within this index.

Blog post for Pixxo AW-M2130 webcam drivers

Questions, comments, and suggestions regarding the Pixxo webcam can be left in the comment section of this blog post which is a summary of the Pixxo USB webcam drivers, instructions, and manufacturer information page that's located here at ACreativeDesktop.

Downloading Pixxo webcam drivers

This page contains information about downloading Pixxo AW-M2130 webcam drivers to make your Pixxo webcam work. There's also information about the M2035 and the M2130 webcam drivers and instruction manual. In addition, you can also find the contact information for the people who make the Pixxo webcam.

ACD webcam page - Live View or Time Lapse

This page is called the ACD Webcam Page and it shows what you can expect from a Pixxo webcam. There is a live view and a time lapse animation that you can watch.

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Information about downloading Pixxo webcam drivers and programs